Retailer Asda Launches 3D Printed Portrait Service in the UK

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For years, retail shops have operated portrait studios, where families or individuals can come get professional-looking photos taken at a reasonable price.

Well, UK-based Asda is taking this concept to a new dimension. Asda has become the first supermarket in the UK to offer customers the ability to get a 3D printed miniature of themselves right in the store.

“We’re trialling an exciting new service — offering you the chance to pick up a detailed 3D printed miniature version of you and your family while you’re doing your weekly shop!” said Asda in an announcement. “The technology produces highly realistic ‘mini me’ figurines at whatever scale you like!”

Asda UK Retail 3D Printing 3D Scanning Woman

Starting this week, Asda is pioneering its 3D printing offering in its York store.

How to get a 3D printed portrait at Asda

Asda has setup a small studio in its store where a customer stands motionless and a store employee 3D scans the customer with a handheld scanner. From the scan a model is built and Asda then 3D prints the model in ceramic offsite.

Asda 3D Printing Scan and Model

3D printed miniatures cost £40 and up, and can be printed in white, bronze, or full color.

Asda is inviting customers to scan anything, including people, pets and even cars. “Good luck scanning pets…” wrote one customer on an Asda forum. To get the scan, a subject does need to remain still for a few minutes which might make capturing pets and children a challenge.

Asda 3D Printed Miniatures Selection

Watch this video to see a woman being 3D scanned and her likeness created on a 3D printer.

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3 Responses to Retailer Asda Launches 3D Printed Portrait Service in the UK

  1. Ricardo Goncalves says:

    HI Asda Team,
    At first, I want to give to all of you, my congratulations for this innovation, it is powerfully.
    I want to know when/if Asda Team are prepared to start to retail your knowledge and configuration to explore ASDA 3D in other countries.
    Congratulations and I hope to give some news.
    Ricardo Gonçalves

  2. Alvin says:

    Good day.

    just wonder if you sell this products?


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