Robox Raises the Bar for 3D Printers and Closes in on $300K Kickstarter

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“This means perfect parts every time.” — Chris White, Robox Design Engineer

Robox might be the 3D printer you have to buy this year. With only days to go in its Kickstarter campaign, the innovative 3D printer has already raised $300,000 in crowdfunding.

Robox offers a combination of plug-and-print capability with high resolution.  “Never before has something of this specification been available at such a low price,” said Chris Elsworthy, CEO of design studio CEL, the company that makes Robox.

With plans to be readily available for purchase in early 2014 at just under $1,400, the Robox is also one of the more affordable 3D printers available, without compromising on functionality or quality.

Robox 3D Printer

Robox 3D printers have a nozzle system with needle valves which means more precise shutoff from layer to layer.

“No more bumps on the outside,” said Chris White, Design Engineer for Robox. “This means perfect parts every time.”

Robox 3D Printer High Precision

Key benefits of Robox include:

  • AutoMaker™ software so users can just select the design they want to print and press start;
  • A proprietary dual-nozzle system that improves print speeds by up to 300% compared to other printers. This means one nozzle is designed to print a detailed surface, while the other is able to fill in larger areas at a much higher speed;
  • A needle-valve system that stops ‘ooze’ and ‘stringing’ from the nozzles, ensuring speed and a high quality finish;
  • A unique HeadLock™ system that allows different heads to be assembled to perform a range of different functions, including an additional second extruder that allows dual-color printing or the ability to print in different materials simultaneously.

Robox 3D Printer Key Benefits

The company plans to expand their 3D printing platform to include 3D scanning and other vital technologies for the ecosystem.

Watch their video below and go to Kickstarter to pledge with just a few days left.

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