For Dog Lovers: Match Your Pet With 3D Printed Twin Tags

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Dog Lovers Can Now Match Their Pets

Cole Lehman loves dogs, and now 3D printing too.

Lehman’s team participated in Startup Weekend Ogden with a goal of creating a Kickstarter project in a weekend. They turned to 3D printing through a partnership with Utah-based 3D printing service bureau WhiteClouds.

“We decided on something simple that people would want for their pets, 3D dog ID tags,” said Lehman. “We started with two ideas. One was a set of 6 seasonal tags that could be switched out throughout the year and the other was a tag that had a half for the owner’s keychain.”

3D Printed Twin Tags Kickstarter

Lehman validated the idea using a social polling platform, Wedgies, and Twitter messages, ultimately deciding on the matching half. They received $360 in advanced backing for the project that has a goal of $5,000.

3D Printed Twin Tags

Watch the Twin Tags Kickstarter video below.

Go check out their Kickstarter campaign to learn more.

3D Printed Twin Tags Minnie

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