3D Printing Preview for CES 2014: A Whole Lotta 3D Printers

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Last year at CES was the year of 3D printing (and 3D TVs right?). MakerBot announced the Replicator 2X desktop 3D printer, recently merged Stratasys and Objet were showing off the Mojo 3D printer, and 3D Systems won Best in Tech for the Cube consumer 3D printer.

Well this year is already shaping up to blow last year away. It’s a 3D printer bonanza!

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CES 3D Printing

3D Systems has already announced five (5!) new 3D printers, including devices that create edible treats, ceramic objects, and full-color 3D prints. MakerBot launched 3 new 3D printers including the Replicator Mini. And there are 28 companies in the 3D printing industry exhibiting at CES, including:

  • 3D Printlife
  • 3D Systems
  • Afinia
  • Beijing Tiertime Technology
  • CEL Technology Ltd.
  • EnvisionTEC Inc.
  • Formlabs
  • FSL3D
  • Incodema Group
  • Invoxia/Swissvoice
  • Kevvox
  • Leonar3do International
  • Makerbot Industries
  • Matterform
  • Mcor Technologies Ltd
  • Old World Laboratories
  • Pirate3DP Pte Ltd
  • Robo 3D
  • Sculpteo
  • SolidIdea.com
  • Solidoodle LLC
  • Stratasys, Ltd.
  • TCT Magazine + Personalize
  • WhiteClouds
  • 3Doodler
  • XYZprinting Inc.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) said it was expanding on last year’s 3D Printing TechZone by 25% to 4,400 square feet featuring 9 exhibitors, including 3D SystemsMakerbot IndustriesSculpteo, and Stratasys Inc.

“Exhibitor demand really drove our decision to formalize this 3D Printing TechZone, as it’s quickly becoming one of the more dynamic and innovative categories within our industry, while also becoming more accessible to consumers from a price perspective,” said Karen Chupka, senior vice president, International CES and corporate business strategy. “The sell-out response to this TechZone speaks to the strong interest in this category and the desire from leaders in the field to showcase their new products on the CES show floor.”

The 3D Printing TechZone will be located in the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center (LVCC), South Hall 3.

Stay tuned for more coverage. Tweet us @On3DPrinting to meet up!

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3 Responses to 3D Printing Preview for CES 2014: A Whole Lotta 3D Printers

  1. Ron says:

    …i miss the great AIO Robotics Zeus in this list….not to be forgotten!

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