Fuel3D Handheld 3D Scanner Closes in on $300,000 Kickstarter Funding

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3D scanner captures consumer and investor interest with low-cost device for 3D printing enthusiasts, games developers and 3D designers

Earlier this month, we wrote about Fuel3D, a handheld 3D scanner for less than $1,000 that had been growing on Kickstarter.

The company achieved its initial campaign goal in 2 days. With 4 days left to go, the project has raised nearly $300,000.

Fuel3D is an affordable handheld 3D scanner that delivers high resolution shape and color capture for a range of 3D modeling applications, such as 3D printing, 3D art and 3D game development. At an expected final market price of $1,500, its imminent arrival heralds a new price point in handheld 3D scanning technology, which typically sees products retail for $15,000 and above. Kickstarter backers still have up to 3:00pm EDT on Sunday September 1st, to purchase the Fuel3D scanner from $990.

Fuel3D Joshua Harker Kickstarter Cover

“We have been delighted by the reaction to our Kickstarter campaign, which has been a huge validation of our vision for bringing a lower-cost 3D scanning option to the masses,” said Stuart Mead, CEO, Fuel3D. “We have vastly surpassed our initial goal and have received many orders from our core US and UK markets and beyond – as far afield as Australia and Japan. We have been inundated by approaches from distribution partners and technical collaborators, and the interest from venture capital companies and even national defense organizations tells me that we’re really on to something.”

“Thanks to Kickstarter feedback, we think that offering automated stitching of multiple scans to create 360 degree models is the most useful feature that we could add into the product bundle,” added Mead.

Fuel3D: A handheld 3D scanner for less than $1000

In a recent development, Fuel3D and Uformia will aim to develop automatic stitching of multiple scans as a standard feature in Uformia’s MeshUp software in time for the launch of the Fuel3D scanner. This capability will allow users to take multiple shots of a subject and then the software will automate “stitching” them together to create a complete 360 degree 3D model.

After achieving its stretch goal of $250,000, the company has now committed to adding a tripod mount to its final design, as well as the ability to trigger the camera direct from the laptop or computer, both of which have been suggested by pledgers.

For more information, visit www.fuel-3D.com

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