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Artec 3D Scanners Used for Big Bang Theory Cast and the Royal Family

A Look at Artec in the Race for 3D Scanners

The race is on.

MakerBot launched its MakerBot Digitizer desktop 3D scanner earlier this year, selling for $1,400. Radiant Fabrication has an all-in-one 3D scanner and 3D printer. Fuel3D raised $300,000 on Kickstarter for its hand-held 3D scanner. And just this past week, 3D Systems launched a $399 hand-held 3D scanner called Sense.

But there is a veteran in this space: Luxembourg-based Artec Group.

Artec 3D scanners are used today by commercial customers like Hyundai Motor Europe. Hyundai employs Artec 3D scanners to create 3D models of automobile seats for new cars. These models can then be tested and modified for maximum safety and comfort.

In fact, there is a wide range of applications where Artec 3D scanners are being used – everything from the film World War Z to the Brazil football team to fashion design.

Artec World War Z

And now celebrities.

The Big Bang Theory

Last season on the Big Bang Theory, the nerds got excited about 3D scanning and 3D printing. In Season 6, Episode 14 (called the “Cooper/Kripke Inversion”), Howard and Raj order customized figurines of themselves online.

Big Bang Theory Kinect 3D Scanner

When the toys arrive, they are quickly disappointed at how poorly the dolls resemblance is. Raj suggests buying a 3D printer to make their own. In the show, they 3D scan themselves as well as Bernadette with a Kinect sensor and 3D print perfect replicas in color.

It turns out that the real scanning was done with an Artec Eva scanner, not a Kinect sensor. The resolution of the Kinect scans was not high enough for a quality, color 3D printed figurine. Instead Artec was selected and Chris Strong from Rapid Scan, an Artec authorized reseller, was invited to the set for the 3D scanning.

Artec 3D Scanner Big Bang Theory Behind the Scenes

Here are 3D models of Bernadette and Howard.

Artec 3D Scan Big Bang Theory

The Royal Family

On a tour of Elstree Film and Television Studios, Britain’s Prince Andrew asked if he himself could be 3D scanned. The Lifecast/Life3D studio team quickly scanned him with an Artec Eva hand-held scanner.

One minute later, a life-like, 3D digital copy was staring back at Prince Andrew from the computer screen.

Artec 3D Scan Prince Andrew

Learn more about Artec at www.artec3d.com.


Artec 3D Scanners Used by Hyundai Europe to Develop Automobile Seats

Leading 3D Scanner Company Artec Delivers Automotive Solutions

In our coverage of 3D printing, there is increasing interest in 3D scanners as a key source of digital input for both rapid prototyping and product development. From simple Kinect-based scanners to the MakerBot Digitizer to Kickstarter campaigns, it seems like more and more 3D scanners are coming to market.

In this article we profile Luxembourg-based Artec Group, a leader in 3D scanning and 3D facial recognition technology that has partnered with Hyundai Europe to help develop automobile seats.

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Artec 3D Scanner Hyundai Automotive

Two different Artec scanners are being used by Hyundai Motor Europe to create 3D models of automobile seats for new cars. These models can then be tested and modified for maximum safety and comfort.

The Artec L scanner captures the geometry of a seat from different angles. Then the smaller, intricate details of a seat are scanned with the Artec MHT scanner and the data is combined to make a complete, highly precise 3D model of the car seat.

Artec 3D Scanner Hyundai Seat Scan

Both scanning devices are portable and easy to use which means that they can be taken to different Hyundai locations.

Watch this narrated video to see how the Artec 3D scanners are used by Hyundai.

Learn more about Artec at www.artec3d.com.


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