Artec 3D Scanners Used by Hyundai Europe to Develop Automobile Seats

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Leading 3D Scanner Company Artec Delivers Automotive Solutions

In our coverage of 3D printing, there is increasing interest in 3D scanners as a key source of digital input for both rapid prototyping and product development. From simple Kinect-based scanners to the MakerBot Digitizer to Kickstarter campaigns, it seems like more and more 3D scanners are coming to market.

In this article we profile Luxembourg-based Artec Group, a leader in 3D scanning and 3D facial recognition technology that has partnered with Hyundai Europe to help develop automobile seats.

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Artec 3D Scanner Hyundai Automotive

Two different Artec scanners are being used by Hyundai Motor Europe to create 3D models of automobile seats for new cars. These models can then be tested and modified for maximum safety and comfort.

The Artec L scanner captures the geometry of a seat from different angles. Then the smaller, intricate details of a seat are scanned with the Artec MHT scanner and the data is combined to make a complete, highly precise 3D model of the car seat.

Artec 3D Scanner Hyundai Seat Scan

Both scanning devices are portable and easy to use which means that they can be taken to different Hyundai locations.

Watch this narrated video to see how the Artec 3D scanners are used by Hyundai.

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