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Top Photos from Inside 3D Printing Chicago Conference Day 1

We are covering the Inside 3D Printing conference in Chicago this week, from the MakerBot and Stratasys keynote, to innovations in art by MGX, to Microsoft’s confirmed support for 3D printing and more.

Below is a gallery of some of our top photos from the conference on day 1.


Photos by On 3D Printing contributor Lisa M. Pérez, co-founder of Heart Design Inc.

Inside 3D Printing Early Bird Prices End This Week

Inside 3D Printing Chicago

We’ve partnered again with the Inside 3D Printing Conference as it continues its world tour in Chicago this July 10-11. Event prices increase at midnight, so enter our promo-code, ON3D, and register today.

With Stratasys and 3D Systems slated to exhibit at the event’s summer edition, the event provides an ideal opportunity to meet with some of the industry’s biggest players and watch 3D printers and services in action.

The event will tackle 3D printing’s impact on food, fashion, art, architecture, design, engineering, weapons, and more. Sessions include: The XYZs of 3D Scanning: Making Reality Digital, Policy Considerations for Additive Manufacturing, Robots Will Make Your Food, 3D Concrete Printing: Full Scale Additive Manufacturing in Architecture and Construction, and 3D Printed Firearms: Additive Manufacturing Meets Hobbyist Gunsmithing. View the full program here.

Keynote presentations will be given by Congressman Bill Foster of the 11th Congressional District of Illinois, Scott Crump, Founder and Chairman of the Board at Stratasys, and Avi Reichental, President & CEO of 3D Systems.

Additional speakers include Mike Vasquez, Additive Manufacturing Technology & Material Specialist, Julie Friedman Steele of The 3D Printer Experience, and Michael Guslick of HaveBlue.org.

You’ll also hear from the designer and architect who created style icon Dita von Teese’s intricate 3D printed dress. Francis Bitonti and Michael Schmidt will discuss 3D printing’s impact on the fashion and art industries, as well as the creative opportunities which exist with innovative materials and techniques.


Save $250 off on-site prices! Enter our code ON3D and register before this Friday.

3D Printing’s Apple 1 Moment: 3D Printing Conference (Part 1)

3D Printing Conference Apple 1 Moment

Inside 3D Printing Conference (Part 1)

We are in New York City at the Inside 3D Printing conference, where several thousand 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts are gathered to discuss what’s happening, and what’s possible, in 3D printing.

Cornell Professor Hod Lipson opened the conference, asking “How will 3D printing change our lives?” He continued, “In the last 2 or 3 years, it all took off.”

Lipson then welcomed 3D Systems‘ CEO Avi Reichental for the formal keynote. He provided some insights into where the technology is being used today and where it will go. Here are some of his insightful and powerful statements:

  • “3D printing is going to disrupt everything around us.”
  • “Complexity is free.”
  • “3D printing means consumers will be able to co-create with their favorite brands.”
  • “New and disruptive business models, [and] new retail opportunities ahead of us.”

3D Systems is also making several announcements today we’ll cover in a separate article. After Reichental’s keynote, Brian Evans took the stage. Evans is an assistant professor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

“I’ve never taught a class this large,” Evans joked as he kicked off. He then took the audience through a fundamental overview of desktop 3D printers, discussing topics from design to materials to current challenges. He walked through different design software in a hands-on demonstration using the Stanford bunny as an example for what’s cool and what’s hard about 3D printing.

3D Printing Conference Stanford Bunny

3D Printing’s Apple 1 Moment

“3D printing is in its Apple 1 moment,” said Evans as he showed a photo of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (above). The first Apple 1 was just a circuit board. Customers had to build a plywood case around it. “Who knew that in 30 years we’d all be carrying iPhones?” Evans mused.

There’s an excitement in the room at the Inside 3D Printing conference today, probably best characterized by the concept that something created today, by someone at this show, could become as transformative as the iPhone in a few years.

Stay tuned for more coverage! #3dprintconf

DesignX Show May 2013: 3D Printing, Digital Tools, Cloud-Based Apps

DesignX Conference 3D Printing

DesignX Show in May 2013

On May 18-21st, The Architect’s Newspaper and Mode Collective will host DesignX, four days of hands-on workshops and inspired dialog right on the showroom floor at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Industry experts will present courses on Digital Tools, Fabrication On-Demand, and Cloud-Based Apps–the technologies that are revolutionizing our designed world. More information can be found at http://designx.is.

“DesignX” w/ Gil AKOS, Andrew BACCON, Francis BITONTI, Ronnie PARSONS, Andrew PAYNE, Jesse ROSENBERG, Jessica ROSENKRANTZ, Duann SCOTT, Skylar TIBBITS, & Erik TIETZ

When: Saturday, 05/18–05/21 // ICFF 2013

Where: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
655 W 34th St.
New York, NY 10001

DesignX @ ICFF
francis a. BITONTI, gil AKOS, modeLab, NOTHINGeverHAPPENS, ronnie PARSONS, Shapeways, skylar TIBBITS, workshop

Inside 3D Printing Conference Is Next Week – Discount Available

Inside 3D Printing Conference

Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo kicks off next week, April 22-23, in New York City. This is the first conference of its kind in the region and several of the industry’s heavy hitters will be present.

Attendees will hear presentations on 3D printing’s impact on daily life, education, food, engineering, design, architecture, manufacturing, firearms, fashion, and business, while networking with professionals from 3D Systems, Shapeways, MakerBot, Solidoodle, and more. View the full agenda here.

Speakers include Hod Lipson of Cornell University who co-authored Fabricated: The World of 3D Printing, Hugh Evans III of T. Rowe Price Associates, Brett Lyons of Boeing, Gonzalo Martinez of Autodesk, Jennifer Ritter of Estee Lauder, and Ofer Shochet of Stratasys. View the full speaker list here.

The conference’s two full days of tutorials and seminars will provide attendees with a blueprint for how to invest and utilize 3D printing in coming years, while the exhibit hall will showcase the latest 3D printers and services.

Use On 3D Printing’s exclusive discount code: PRINT for 15% off a full-conference pass. Avoid on-site prices and register by April 21.