3D Printing’s Apple 1 Moment: 3D Printing Conference (Part 1)

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3D Printing Conference Apple 1 Moment

Inside 3D Printing Conference (Part 1)

We are in New York City at the Inside 3D Printing conference, where several thousand 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts are gathered to discuss what’s happening, and what’s possible, in 3D printing.

Cornell Professor Hod Lipson opened the conference, asking “How will 3D printing change our lives?” He continued, “In the last 2 or 3 years, it all took off.”

Lipson then welcomed 3D Systems‘ CEO Avi Reichental for the formal keynote. He provided some insights into where the technology is being used today and where it will go. Here are some of his insightful and powerful statements:

  • “3D printing is going to disrupt everything around us.”
  • “Complexity is free.”
  • “3D printing means consumers will be able to co-create with their favorite brands.”
  • “New and disruptive business models, [and] new retail opportunities ahead of us.”

3D Systems is also making several announcements today we’ll cover in a separate article. After Reichental’s keynote, Brian Evans took the stage. Evans is an assistant professor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

“I’ve never taught a class this large,” Evans joked as he kicked off. He then took the audience through a fundamental overview of desktop 3D printers, discussing topics from design to materials to current challenges. He walked through different design software in a hands-on demonstration using the Stanford bunny as an example for what’s cool and what’s hard about 3D printing.

3D Printing Conference Stanford Bunny

3D Printing’s Apple 1 Moment

“3D printing is in its Apple 1 moment,” said Evans as he showed a photo of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (above). The first Apple 1 was just a circuit board. Customers had to build a plywood case around it. “Who knew that in 30 years we’d all be carrying iPhones?” Evans mused.

There’s an excitement in the room at the Inside 3D Printing conference today, probably best characterized by the concept that something created today, by someone at this show, could become as transformative as the iPhone in a few years.

Stay tuned for more coverage! #3dprintconf

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