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Watershed Moment: Windows 8.1 Offers Native Support for 3D Printing

Windows 8.1 3D Printing

Windows 8.1 Adds 3D Printing to the OS

In a watershed moment for 3D printing adoption, Microsoft announced native OS support for 3D printing.

Microsoft executive Antoine Leblond demonstrated the new capabilities on stage at Microsoft’s Build conference. Developers will be able to build apps that can export objects to a 3D printer with a single click. Leblond commented that 3D printing will be “just as easy and seamless as printing in 2D.”

Leblond called out two 3D printers that will have native support in Windows 8.1: the MakerBot Replicator 2 and the 3D Systems Cube.

MakerBot Replicator 2

How to learn more about Windows 8.1 and 3D Printing

Microsoft has updated the Windows product development guide to include some documentation about 3D printing.

Windows 8.1 Preview adds support for 3D printing, allowing printers to seamlessly install with plug and play support, to queue jobs for printing, and to be managed by Windows. It also enables Windows Store apps to submit 3D print jobs to these devices.

Digging deeper into the documentation, there is an outline of how to get started. To add 3D printing to your app, you must:

  • Be familiar with C++, 3D manufacturing API, and Windows printing.
  • Have Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 Preview for Windows installed.
  • Have an app to which you want to add printing. If you don’t have your own app, you can download the 3D Print Sample app and use that app.
  • Have a 3D-capable printer installed. If you do not have a 3D printer, you can get a sample 3D print driver package from Microsoft’s 3D Printing SDK.


Amazon.com Launches Extensive 3D Printing Category

Amazon 3D Printing Category

Amazon Gets Into 3D Printing

E-commerce behemoth Amazon.com has thrown its weight in support at 3D printing.

Over the last week they have begun to roll out a 3D printing category, listing 3D printers, parts, supplies and software.

3D printers include:

It’s exciting to see Amazon getting behind 3D printing!

Cubify Draw App for iPad and iPhone: 3D Print Your Sketches

Cubify Draw 3D Printing App Cover

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) launched today Cubify(R) Draw, a mobile 3D printing app for iOS. Cubify Draw empowers anyone with an iPhone(R) , iPad(R) or iPad Mini(TM) device to create printable content with their fingertips. Users can digitally doodle with their finger or trace an imported picture and then enhance it with features like adjustable line thickness and height, auto-fill and auto-connect. Users can upload their drawing directly to Cubify or have the STL file emailed to them for printing. Cubify Draw is available in the App Store today via free download.

“Cubify Draw takes digital doodling to printable reality” said Sarah Stocker, Senior Director of Cubify for 3D Systems, “This boundary breaking app is our latest gamified installment in our commitment to democratize content-to-print entertainment on Cubify.”

Our Review

Cubify Draw is a very simple and straight-forward app. You trace or draw with your finger, and it creates a file for you to print. With this simplicity in mind, 3D Systems shared that “the app is ideal for drawing and printing cookie cutters, pendants, ornaments, bracelets and simple toys.”

We tried out the app and found it very easy to navigate, but hard to create models of any precision. Similar to an Etch-A-Sketch, you have one try to get your lines right or you have to clear the canvas and start over.

We imported the On 3D Printing logo in an attempt to trace the “On”. The results are in the gallery below.

It’s great to see the Cubify team extending into digital and competing with other apps like Autodesk 123D Catch. While this first app feels a bit limited, it’s free and easy to use. So if you have a Cube 3D printer, or want to quickly print a design via Cubify.com, give the app a try!



Top 3D Printing News Last Week: Cube, iPhone, Mars, Prosthetic Face

3D Printing News

3D Printing News

A roundup of the top 3D printing news from April 1 to April 7:

Cube 3D Printer on Display at AC Gears NYC Store Special Events

AC Gears Cube 3D Printer Event

Cube 3D Printer Events

AC Gears is a curated electronics & lifestyle store in the village of New York City with unique, useful, and innovative products from the US and around the world. They also sell 3D printers. In April, they are hosting several 3D printing events in partnership with 3D Systems.

3D Systems announced that AC Gears will host a series of 3D printing events featuring the popular Cube 3D printer at their Manhattan store on April 4th and 18th, 2013 from 6pm-8pm. The newest Cube, unveiled at CES in January, will be showcased at the events and adults and children alike are encouraged to play, design and print while enjoying great music.

Awarded “easiest to use” and “most reliable” by Make Magazine, 3D Systems has made its Cube 3D printer even easier to own and simpler to use by offering a Print Pack valued at, $1,500, for just $1,399. This comprehensive value pack includes the Cube 3D printer, 4 cartridges, 25 free prints and Cubify® Invent design software, the only 3D design tool optimized for 3D printing. Cubify.com provides more easy printing options for new users with 3D apps that generate free print files and an entire 3D printing marketplace of items to choose from.

Cube 3D Printer Features

The Cube is available for purchase at the AC Gears store in Manhattan. Product features include:

  • Up to 1.5X faster print speed and 2X better accuracy for printed parts up to 5.5” cubed.
  • Printing in two materials, compostable PLA and recyclable ABS plastics available in 16 different color cartridges including new glow-in-the dark green and blue and metallic silver colors.
  • Cube offers a choice of print mode fill density: lite, medium and solid in both PLA and ABS plastics with optional easy, breakaway supports for the most complex prints. Moisture-lock cartridge ensures extended shelf life and total material usage, improving print quality and sustainability.
  • The printer detects material type automatically based on the cartridge, eliminating the need to change print settings.
  • Aside from being the only 3D printer on the market to print via WiFi, Cube meets all IEC 60950 Printer Safety Requirements, making it the only consumer 3D printer that is safe for home use by children.

Event Details

Are you in NYC and want to attend? Here are the details:

Who: Cubify and AC Gears
What: Showcasing of Cubify’s Cube printers
When: Thursday, April 4th and 18th, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Where: AC Gears
69 E. 8th Street
New York City, NY 10003

More about AC Gears: The company was founded in 2007 and was selected by Inc Magazine in 2010 as one of America’s fastest growing companies and has appeared on Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Wired, among others. AC Gears and its gadgets have appeared on The New York Times, NBC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, Rolling Stone, The Jay Leno Show, among others.

More information available on www.3DSystems.com and www.acgears.com.


Photo provided by AC Gears and used with permission.