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3D Systems CEO Predicts Moore’s Law Will Hit 3D Printing Technology – Inside 3D Printing Chicago

Avi Reichental Keynote Inside 3D Printing Chicago

3D Printing Will Change the Face of Business

Avi Reichental, President and CEO of 3D Systems, opened up this morning’s keynote speech at Inside 3D Printing Chicago with an enthusiastic and insightful view of the present and future of 3D printing. His presentation, Manufacturing the Future, focused on the democratization of 3D printing that will make it ubiquitous and empower anyone to become a maker. For example, one thing 3D Sytems has done is offer the service Cubify, which allows people to use their industrial printers to make objects in plastics, nylon and Zprint. Reichental noted, “whether you’re a deep pocketed corporation or a garage entrepreneur looking to start, it gives anyone access to 3D printing through the cloud.”

3D Systems Inside 3D Printing Chicago

Throughout his presentation, he pointed to examples of how 3D printing already impacts our lives in will exponentially continue to do so. From applications in medicine to fashion to automotive, he is a firm believer that additive manufacturing will be an integral part of our everyday lives both in the industrial world and in the comfort of our own homes. He explained how Moore’s Law has begun for this industry and that, “printers are going to double up on performance and double down on costs. Expect printers to become real powerful home appliances. The train has left the station.” Bre Pettis at MakerBot for example, has been a key figure in beginning the process of lowering price to make printers accessible for regular consumers.

Despite rapid growth, there are numerous skeptics that ask: Does 3D printing really scale? Reichental however, emphatically answered “absolutely yes!” To answer skeptics, Reichental presented the example of Invisalign. Last year, he noted, 17.2 million Invisalign braces were made. Each one of them was manufactured in a 3D printing, 24/7, lights out manufacturing faciility. What is also amazing is that each of these designs are unique and distinct to adapt to people’s mouths. Furthermore, it seems like GE believes it will scale with over $3 billion they have invested in advanced digital manufacturing.

3D Systems Inside 3D Printing Chicago

To put his money where his mouth is in terms of democratizing 3D printing, Reichental announced two important partnerships for 3D Systems. The first is a partnership with Google – Motorola, where 3D systems has outfitted Google/Moto trucks with their latest technology in order to teach people, mainly teens, how to use 3D printing technology. The trucks will go around college campuses, maker fairs and any other type of creative space where people want to create. The trucks will have the ProJet 3510 and the Projet 460 plus.

On the industrial end, Reichental announced, “this morning we have launched a game changing partnership with Deloitte Consulting to accelerate the way that companies can harness, adapt and implement this disruptive technology into their business model and their manufacturing operations.“ Together, they seek to help companies get educated about the technology and make decisions directionally on what they can do.  After speaking with 3D Systems Chief Marketing Officer, Cathy Lewis, it is clear that education is a big focus for the company and clearly they are doing something concrete about it with these major partnerships. In sum, Reichental believes that this revolution is just beginning and we can expect to see completely new ways to design and manufacture from architecture to medicine and almost anything we can imagine.


Authored by On 3D Printing contributor Rodrigo Garza Zorrilla, technology entrepreneur and advisor.

Avi Reichental image courtesy of @3dsystemscorp. Other photos by On 3D Printing.

iPhone App PhotoUpLink Launches 3D Printed Photo Frames

PhotoUpLink 3D Printed Frame

Photo App Developer Publishes Designs for 3D Printed Photo Frames

Since 2006, independent software designer Mark S. Morris has been working on PhotoUpLink® for various platforms, first for Mac and Windows then for iPhone, allowing multiple photos to be conveniently uploaded by iPhone users to Tumblr photosets, Facebook albums, FTP sites and email attachments.

Morris has added to his repertoire by creating a 3D printed picture frame. Called the PhotoUpLink Picture Frame, users can download the files and print it themselves to serve as frames for their favorite photographs The PhotoUpLink Picture Frame is an answer for those who are always looking for that perfect picture frame to store their most memorable photographs – now both the frame and photo can be printed at home.

The picture frame will hold one wallet size 3” x 2” photo print. This frame size is built for compatibility with most 3D printers for personal use, and has been extensively tested to be home 3D printable with ABS, PLA and even wood FDM filament types. The frame files include desk stands for landscape or portrait photo orientation, and it 3D prints with rear holes for wall hanging.

The PhotoUpLink Picture Frame is a free download available now on MakerBot Thingiverse. The frame can also be purchased with no logo on Cubify as a 3D print in a variety of materials including color plastics, ceramics, sandstone or metals, then shipped to your door.

You can view photos of the 3D printed frame on Flickr.

The frame will take about an hour to print, each stand about 30 minutes at 50 – 70% fill. A higher fill percentage makes a sturdy frame with a good base weight. The stand slot is designed to be a tight fit, you may need to trim and manually finish the print. Wallet size photo prints are easily home printed or ordered online.

Top 3D Printing News Last Week: Saving Lives, Education, Cubify Draw, and More

3D Printing News

3D Printing News

A roundup of the top 3D printing news from May 20 to May 26:

Monday, May 20

Wednesday, May 22

Thursday, May 23

Saturday, May 25

 Sunday, May 26


Cubify Draw App for iPad and iPhone: 3D Print Your Sketches

Cubify Draw 3D Printing App Cover

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) launched today Cubify(R) Draw, a mobile 3D printing app for iOS. Cubify Draw empowers anyone with an iPhone(R) , iPad(R) or iPad Mini(TM) device to create printable content with their fingertips. Users can digitally doodle with their finger or trace an imported picture and then enhance it with features like adjustable line thickness and height, auto-fill and auto-connect. Users can upload their drawing directly to Cubify or have the STL file emailed to them for printing. Cubify Draw is available in the App Store today via free download.

“Cubify Draw takes digital doodling to printable reality” said Sarah Stocker, Senior Director of Cubify for 3D Systems, “This boundary breaking app is our latest gamified installment in our commitment to democratize content-to-print entertainment on Cubify.”

Our Review

Cubify Draw is a very simple and straight-forward app. You trace or draw with your finger, and it creates a file for you to print. With this simplicity in mind, 3D Systems shared that “the app is ideal for drawing and printing cookie cutters, pendants, ornaments, bracelets and simple toys.”

We tried out the app and found it very easy to navigate, but hard to create models of any precision. Similar to an Etch-A-Sketch, you have one try to get your lines right or you have to clear the canvas and start over.

We imported the On 3D Printing logo in an attempt to trace the “On”. The results are in the gallery below.

It’s great to see the Cubify team extending into digital and competing with other apps like Autodesk 123D Catch. While this first app feels a bit limited, it’s free and easy to use. So if you have a Cube 3D printer, or want to quickly print a design via Cubify.com, give the app a try!



Video: iMakr 3D Printing Store Grand Opening in London

iMakr 3D Printing Store

iMakr 3D Printing Store

In the video below, the iMakr 3D printing store opens in London. With 2,500 square feet of 3D printers and 3D printing fun, there was quite a crowd to see the grand opening.

Exhibits from Solidoodle, UP!, MakerBot, Cubify, Leapfrog and all the big names of desktop 3D printing were on site, plus models from 3D artists.

Here is the official press release from Solidoodle about the retail debut:

Solidoodle Makes Retail Debut at World’s Largest 3D Printer Store in UK

Brooklyn, NY — April 30, 2013 — Solidoodle, maker of the most affordable fully assembled 3D printers, is proud to announce its printers will be sold at iMakr, the world’s largest 3D printing retail store, located at 79 Clerkenwell Road in Central London.

iMakr announced its 3D printer lineup to include the Solidoodle 3rd Generation model at its grand opening event today. Solidoodle CEO Sam Cervantes was in attendance for the opening.

“3D printers are a rapidly expanding segment in the consumer electronics market,” says Cervantes. “iMakr is making a big splash in a major international city and we are glad to be a part of it. Working with distributor and retail partners will definitely help us satisfy the growing demand we’re seeing from the international public.”

Located in Farringdon, the heart of the designer district of London, iMakr is featuring some of the most popular brands of 3D printers, supplies and accessories and will cater to the needs of designers, architects, early adopters, hobbyists, jewelers and schools.

Solidoodle also announced, in late February, its plans for dedicated Solidoodle retail locations in Eastern Europe to open later this year.


Image via SolidSmack.