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Object Scholar Package Brings 3D Printing to Students and Universities

Objet Scholar Package 3D Printing

3D printer manufacturer Objet Ltd. has announced the release of an accessible, attractively-priced and all-inclusive 3D printing package for schools, colleges, universities and institutes of higher education, called the Objet30 Scholar Package.

Here is the full press release:

“The Objet30 Scholar Package was developed to make Objet’s 3D printing systems and solutions even more accessible to the strategically important education market,” says Gilad Gans, Executive Vice President for Objet. “It provides students and faculties across multiple disciplines – particularly STEM curriculum studies – with increased opportunities to create and prototype advanced design ideas.”

Tailor-made 3D printing solutions for the education market are a strategic objective of Objet. The company’s 3D Printers have been adopted by many of the world’s leading universities and research departments, including Virginia Tech, University of New Orleans, Art Center College of Design, Purdue University, and The Technion.

The package was designed with educators in mind allowing academic institutions to focus on creativity. It includes the Objet30 Scholar professional desktop 3D Printer; two or three year supply of rigid opaque 3D printing materials (Objet RGD240 rigid blue and support material) which Objet will store and deliver on-demand; a desktop Water-Jet system to remove the support material; training for users; maintenance of the 3D Printer; and technical support. Objet30 Scholar customers are also entitled to further discounted 3D printing material re-fill packages.

The Objet30 Scholar provides 28 micron layer accuracy and the material features high-detail visualization for simulating the precise look of standard plastic products. As well as giving students the ability to develop a 3D printing project portfolio, the Objet30 Scholar package provides graduates and post-graduates with valuable knowledge and experience that can help support future design and manufacturing careers in Fortune 500 companies that operate similar professional 3D printing systems.

About the Objet30 Scholar Package

  • Ultra-high resolution accuracy, typically 0.1 mm (0.0039 inch)
  • Produces models with smooth surfaces, fine details & moving parts
  • Suitable for small spaces, offices and desktop operation
  • Can be used with all types of 3D CAD software
  • Tray Size (X×Y×Z) 300x200x150mm (11.81×7.87×5.9 inches)

Package Benefits

  • A one-time package for 2 or 3 years
  • No material storage headaches
  • On-demand materials, delivered when needed
  • High resolution 3D printing for simulating the precise look of students’ intended end product

To find out more about the Objet Scholar Package, contact us at info@objet.com, or visit our Education website.

Fab Lab of the Week: Fablab Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Fablab Amsterdam 3D Printing

This week’s featured Fab Lab is called Fablab Amsterdam in the Netherlands. They are offering classes on how to build your own 3D printer.

Fablab Amsterdam offers you the opportunity to build your personal 3D printer and learn all there is to know about 3D printing. After an introduction of the Fablab and the basics of 3D printing, you will learn how to set up a model for printing (day 1). In the next three days you will build your own printer, this is a model based on Orca (RepRap Mendel). On the last day (day 5) you will be printing your model(s) and get a hands-on troubleshooting on operating your 3D printer.

The summer school is available for maximum of 16 participants. You are to bring your own laptop and a 3D model, that you would like to print. Summer school only continues when it has at least 8 participants!

When? From 6 to 10 August 2012, 10.00 AM till 18.00 PM

Where? Fablab Amsterdam, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

Learn more about Fablab Amsterdam from Fablab.nl or this article.

Fab Lab photo by TonZ used under Creative Commons license.

Fab Lab of the Week: Castilleja Girls School in Palo Alto, CA

Castilleja School in Palo Alto Fab Lab

This week’s featured Fab Lab is the Castilleja School in Palo Alto, California. Castilleja is an independent school for girls grades 6-12 in Palo Alto. The Silicon Valley Mercury News published a feature on the school and its Bourn Lab.

The Bourn Lab is part of the FabLab@School program, which was created by Paulo Blikstein, an assistant professor at Stanford who has a similar lab on campus and who started one in Moscow. Blikstein was a master’s student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology around the time a fab lab was created there, he said.

The Bourn Lab has a couple of 3-D printers, a 3-D scanner, a laser-cut printer and other equipment that have enabled one seventh-grade history class, for example, to re-create models of Leonardo da Vinci’s machines. A revolving bridge, an aerial screw, a catapult and other laser-cut wood models of the great inventor’s machines now sit in Castilleja’s library for all to admire.

The equipment for the lab cost about $60,000 and was funded by the school, the Edward E. Ford Foundation and the Doug Bourn memorial fund. Bourn, an engineer at Tesla Motors (TSLA), died in a plane crash in East Palo Alto in 2010 along with two other Tesla employees. Bourn was Castilleja’s robotics mentor.

As part of its partnership with Blikstein, Castilleja also is helping with the cost of another school fab lab, at East Palo Alto Academy, which will open later this year. Blikstein said he’s currently talking with teachers at both schools — he has worked with teachers at East Palo Alto Academy for a while, and some of the school’s students have been using his Stanford fab lab regularly — and envisions having students from the school in East Palo Alto do joint projects with Castilleja students.

Below is a video of students from the class of 2011 working in the Fab Lab.


Via Silicon Valley Mercury News.

Top 3D Printing Headlines from Last Week: SketchUp, Medical, Toys, Jobs

Dr. Ivo Lambrichts Displays 3D Printed Jaw

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Inspiring High School Students to be Tomorrow’s Designers: 3D Printing [Video]

3D Printed Fantasy Castle at Thingiverse

High School teacher Lesa Childers is inspiring her students to be tomorrow’s designers and engineers, thanks to technologies like 3D printing. In the video below, students from Notre Dame de Sion School of Kansas City showcase their project: a 3D printed fantasy castle with custom-designed furniture and decorations.

For this particular 3D printing project, Childers 3D printed a Castle she found on Thingiverse, and then assigned her students the task of 3D modeling small items of furniture they could then print on the Mosaic and then set into the castle. She gave various criteria as to the size, and watching out for material overhangs. She also create several video tutorials for getting up to speed on using SketchUp (first one here).

Castle photo from MakerBotShop on Thingiverse.


Via 3dprinter.net