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Hey Red Sox Fans: 3D Print Your Own Fenway Park [video]

3D Printed Fenway Stadium

Objet, a leading provider of 3D printing systems and materials, has designed the dream of every Red Sox fan: a 3D printed replica of Fenway Park.

First featured on local news, this story has now been picked up by ESPN and other national press:

The 3-foot-by-5-foot model was printed at Objet North America’s Billerica, Mass., headquarters, less than 20 miles from Boston. The massive creation is about 1/200th scale, includes 40 separate printed sections and weighs in at around 105 pounds. The detail of the piece, however, is meticulous enough to capture not only the Green Monster, the Pesky Pole and the exact number of lights, but even the famous red Ted Williams seat in right field.

From the Objet blog:

- The 3D printed model itself was printed in 40 seperate interlocking pieces on the Objet Connex500 – Objet’s largest multi-material 3D printer.

- When put together the final assembly weights about 105 pounds.

- The final 3D model shows off the fantastic print resolution of the Objet machine to great effect. Some of the noticeable details include Pesky’s Pole, Ted Williams’ red seat, the Green Monster (including seats atop).

- The model also includes the exact number of lights, concourses, dugouts and bullpens.

Below is a video of the construction of the model: