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Sculpteo Cloud 3D Printing, iPhone Cases, and More – 3D Printing Conference (Part 6)

Sculpteo 3D Printing App

Sculpteo Launches Services to Grow their 3D Printing Marketplace

Sculpteo is a 3D printing marketplace that is innovating on 3D printing services. Sculpteo was formed in 2009 with operations based in France and San Francisco, CA. The majority of Sculpteo’s sales are outside of the US, but they are growing their US operations.

While much of the 3D printing media coverage focuses on 3D printers, guns, and organs, there are companies who are innovating on the very important concept of how do I 3D print and what can I 3D print today?

We sat down with the team at the Sculpteo booth at the Inside 3D Printing Conference to see their new services.

3D Printing for iPhone and iPad

Sculpteo published a free iPad and iPhone app that lets customers design 3D printable ideas, like iPhone cases and coffee mugs. The company partnered with designers to develop templates that can be easily customized by users. Cases cost $25 to $30 to produce.

The result (shown in photos in this article) are highly personalized and affordable goods that are accessible to the average consumer.

3D Printing Cloud Engine

The power of the cloud is coming to 3D printing with Sculpteo’s white label service, called Cloud Engine. Think of this as a “click to print” service that can connect your designs to a remote 3D printer connected by the Cloud. For users who want 3D printed objects but don’t own a 3D printer yet, this is an option. Websites and mobile apps can also embed the service.

For example, Autodesk embedded Sculpteo Cloud Engine in its 123D Creature app.


Below is a photo gallery of custom iPhone cases and more.

Top 3D Printing News Last Week: Cube, iPhone, Mars, Prosthetic Face

3D Printing News

3D Printing News

A roundup of the top 3D printing news from April 1 to April 7:

iPhone 3D Printing: Design and 3D Print Easter Eggs on Your iPhone

3D Printed Easter Egg

iPhone 3D Printing: How about a 3D printed Easter?

With Easter coming this weekend, there is an iPhone app that lets you design and 3D print custom Easter eggs. The app is called  Magic 3D Easter Egg Painter by Vishal Srivastava and uses the Shapeways 3D Printing API to 3D print in full color sandstone.

Your iPhone becomes a Movable Window that allows you to see and paint all sides of your Egg from every possible point of view.

When you’ve finished creating your Egg, you have the option of ordering a 3D printed figurine of your creation from inside the app. They make great keepsakes or can be hidden in Easter Egg hunts!

Happy Easter!

Top 3D Printing News Last Week: SXSW, MakieLab, Cube, Kickstarter

3D Printed Toys MakieLab SXSW

A roundup of the top 3D printing news from March 11 to March 17:

Monday, March 11

3D Printed Parts: Sculpteo Selling Customizable iPhone 5 Adapters

3D Printing Parts iPhone 5 Dock Adapter

3D printing may change the world in the future, but many ask what the “killer app” is today?

Sculpteo, a 3D printing marketplace, is making a push into 3D printed parts, specifically adapters and spares.

Take, for example, this customizable iPhone 5 dock adapter, compatible with a many sound systems, including:

  • BOSE SoundDock 10V2
  • Geneva Modèle Geneva Xs/M/L/XL
  • Harman-Kardon MS 150
  • Beat Beatbox portable
  • JBL On stage mirco III
  • JBL Radial micro
  • ONKYO iOnly play ABX-100
  • JBL On time micro III
  • SONY ICF.DS15 IP Silver
  • LOGITECH Pure-Fi Express plus
  • I HOME IP 15 Translucide
  • PIONEER X-HM 71-S Silver
  • YAMAHA TSX-112
  • PIONEER X-HM20 Silver
  • YAMAHA MCR-550 Silver
  • YAMAHA MCR-332 Piano
  • YAMAHA MCR-232
  • YAMAHA MCR-040
  • JVC UX-LP55
  • I HOME IP 41


In an interview with TechCrunch, Sculpteo founder Clement Moreau said, “This story and this adapter is opening a new field of 3D printed spare parts for a lot of different devices. Battery covers, clips, docks, handles … a lot of things can be lost, or become unusable because some other device changed or has been updated. We really see 3D Printing here as a way to work smoothly in a moving environment, where big companies have really good reasons to change standards from time to time.”