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Objet 3D Printing: 16 Micron Puzzle Piece for RAPID 2012 Attendees

3D Printed Puzzle

At the RAPID 2012 show in Atlanta, attendees were given a 3D printed puzzle piece from Objet. Once fit together, the puzzle pieces formed a solid cube.

Objet featured this design on their blog:

For those new to 3D printing, there are 2 things about the Objet model that make it truly unique: ONE is that it features various opaque 3D printed objects suspended within a clear, smooth 3D printed transparent body – yet the entire part is printed in a single step. This is the only technology in the world capable of jetting and segregating different materials within a homogenously grown part.

And TWO is the incredible fine detail resolution achieved!! Check out that micro-scaled skeletal hand, spring coil and Eiffel Tower in relation to the size of the lines on my fingers…


This 3D print was achieved on a Objet Connex using a combination of 16 micron resolution and simultaneous multiple material jetting.


Via Objet blog.

Winners Announced in Reality Redesigned Contest Sponsored by 3D Systems

Reality Redesigned 3D Systems Contest

3D Systems recently sponsored a contest called Reality Redesigned which was produced by Edge Factor.

From the 3D Systems blog:

Reality Redesigned provided an opportunity for students to design part of a mountain bike, learn and win a variety of great prizes – plus recognition. The students were part of the entire process, from ideation to the production of the part.  3D Systems printed the full color prototypes of the finalists designs for display at the announcement event. The winner of the contest was chosen by a panel of expert judges and formally announced at RAPID 2012 in Atlanta, GA. What is really exciting is the winning part will be manufactured and tested by a pro rider.  So, not only did the contest engage students in a fun and productive way – it allowed them to use 3D printers!

More from the press release:

“We are thrilled to leverage our full color 3D printing capabilities to inspire innovation and bring student contestants’ creativity and designs to life,” said Cathy Lewis, Vice President, Global Marketing for 3D Systems. “‘Reality Redesign’ is just one more example of 3D Systems’ commitment to education, something we are deeply passionate about as we work to democratize creativity for students at all grade levels and disciplines through access to affordable 3D printers and compelling 3D content.”

Check out all of the winners here.

Below is a video of the 3 top winners.

Below is a video of the grand prize winner Cody with his Thomson to I-beam adapter.