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Inside 3D Printing Conference: Day 1 Top Stories

Inside 3D Printing Conference Entry

Inside 3D Printing Conference: Day 1

Day 1 of the Inside 3D Printing Conference was a big success, with great networking and inspiring speakers. Here are the top stories from Day 1.

3D Printing’s Apple 1 Moment: 3D Printing Conference (Part 1)

“3D printing is in its Apple 1 moment,” said Brian Evans as he showed a photo of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (above). The first Apple 1 was just a circuit board. Customers had to build a plywood case around it. “Who knew that in 30 years we’d all be carrying iPhones?” Evans mused.

Keynote Declares “Complexity is Free”: 3D Printing Conference (Part 2)

Avi Reichental, CEO of 3D Systems, opened this week’s inaugural Inside 3D Printing Conference in New York City with the declaration “Complexity is free.”

3D Systems: Geomagic Design to Advance CAD and 3D Printing

3D Systems announced availability of Geomagic Design, a new suite of affordable CAD design solutions.

Invest in Bioprinting to Get a 3D Printed Ear or New Hip: 3D Printing Conference (Part 3)

Two well-respected speakers in the medical 3D printing field presented today at the Inside 3D Printing conference on bioprinting.

Demo Exhibits Open-Source Complexity: 3D Printing Conference (Part 4)

In a demo at the Inside 3D Printing conference, Brian Evans exposed the complexity of low-cost, open-source consumer 3D design and 3D printing.