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Top 3D Printing Headlines Last Week: 3D Print Show, Mars Rover, Wii U

NASA Mars Rover 3D Printing

A roundup of the top news On 3D Printing brought you from October 17 to October 21.

Design: Nintendo Wii U Controller Prototyped Using 3D Printing

Wii U GamePad 3D Printing

Nintendo designers iterated on dozens of prototypes to get the perfect shape for the Wii U gamepad controller. How? 3D printing.

Hardware developer Masato Ibuki commented: “I made such a huge amount that I don’t even remember how many! (laughs) This time, instead of using the designs as it had come out of the 3D printer, we actually received approval for design with something that all the team members including myself whittled by hand to make fine adjustments to the 3D printed objects in the company workshop.”

Below is a virtual tour of the Wii U GamePad.


Via The Examiner.