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MakerBot Looks to Occupy Wall Street’s Office Space

Makerbot Cupcake in Action

3D printing pioneer startup MakerBot has outgrown its headquarters and is moving to One MetroTech in Downtown Brooklyn’s tech triangle. It’s neighbors? Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

MakerBot founder Bre Pettis told the Wall Street Journal, ”We’re going to put the tech in Metrotech, literally,” in a feature that shared some of the company’s early history:

MakerBot was founded in a “hacking collective” called NYC Resistor, at 397 Bridge St. Mr. Pettis and his partners, Adam Mayer and Zach Smith, quit their jobs in 2009 and locked themselves in a room with caffeine and a case of ramen until they came out with a prototype for a 3-D printer.

Since that time, MakerBot has grown to over 125 employees and is now in need of new headquarters.

Our only hope is that MakerBot’s new Wall Street neighbors take the opportunity to visit and try out 3D printing for themselves. Maybe they will be inspired to help finance this revolutionary industry.

History of Makerbot


Via Wall Street Journal.

Wall Street Journal Features 3D Printing [Video]

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