Shapeways Feed is a Pinterest for 3D Printing Designs

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Shapeways Feed is a Pinterest for 3D Printing

3D printing marketplace and community Shapeways has launched a new website featured called Shapeways Feed. Simply put, it’s a real-time Pinterest for 3D printable designs. Or as Shapeways puts it: “Our newly launched Feed is the best way to discover all the cool stuff people are making!”

Beautiful feature, and very effective at showcasing how many new high-quality designs are being published every day.

I immediately found two designs that I thought were amazing.

This “I miss you!” bracelet has a jigsaw puzzle design with a piece missing, created by badulaques.

3D Printed "I Miss You!" Bracelet

And this Nocturnal timepiece is a very old instrument for telling time at night by measuring the stars. While concept is ancient, this design is all original. It is fully functional (all dials move properly) and meant to be worn as a pendant. Created by Whystler.

3D Printed Nocturnal Timepiece

Great addition Shapeways! Our only request is that you enable 3rd party sites like ours to embed your feed. When will that be possible?

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5 Responses to Shapeways Feed is a Pinterest for 3D Printing Designs

  1. Thanks for the post!! How do you guys want to embed the feed? A Javascript widget? Or is RSS preferred? Orrrr do you want to go all advanced and see an API?

    (perhaps the answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!)


  2. on3dprinting says:

    @Brad, we would be interested in a few different options:
    1- A WordPress widget, like the “Recent Tweets” on the right, you could supply “Recent Designs from Shapeways Feed”
    2- An API, RSS or JS widget that could be a full page replication of your feed.
    3- Like YouTube or Vimeo, an embed iframe code snippet that we could include in a blog post and has the details for a specific design. In the above post we just pasted photos in. But an iframe could be interactive and have links embedded.


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