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3D Printing Sees New Developments in 2012 – VentureBeat Summary

Bre Pettis, MakerBot CEO


VentureBeat published a fun summary of some of the top new developments in 3D printing during 2012. They include all stories covered by on3dprinting, listed below:


VentureBeat’s recap:

Plenty of amazing things are happening as 3D printing expands its influence into mainstream culture. Not only are lots of 3D printing companies expanding and getting more funding, but enterprising designers are finding more and more ways to use the fledgling printing technology. While some of these uses are a bit troubling (like piracy of copyrighted material and firearms), others show that, with enough ingenuity, 3D printing can change lives.

via VentureBeat.

Bre Pettis photo from bre pettis used under Creative Commons license.

Moddler is Making the Market in High-End 3D Printing [Video]

Moddler 3D Printing

John Vegher, founder of Moddler, is making a market in high-end 3D printing. His clients are from all industries: medical devices, industry designers, film studios, fine artists, students, architects, and more.

His team receives a digital file and then 3D prints the design on an Objet Eden 500V, which costs about $250,000 and can print high-resolution in 16 micron layers. They clean up the print and ship it back to the customer.

Where does Vegher see big changes coming? In material science. You can print in glass, metal and more.

Watch the video below to see what Moddler is cooking up in 3D printing.


Via VentureBeat.

Bukobot Bucks Trend with Over-Subscribed 3D Printing Kickstarter Pitch

Bukobot 3D Printer Kickstarter Project

Nearly a month ago, we analyzed the funding goals of 3D printing Kickstarter projects. The conclusion?

  • Of the 13 projects since October 2009, only 6 have successfully reached their funding goals, or 46%
  • The average funding goal of a successful project is $3,842 and the average funds raised is $11,039, or 287%
  • The average funding goal of an unsuccessful project is $16,874 and the average funds raised is $1,105, or 7%
  • The average number of backers for a successful project is 55 with each backer pledging $164
  • The average number of backers for an unsuccessful project is 21 with each backer pledging only $38
  • There was no geographic concentration of successful projects

3D Printing Kickstarter Projects Funding Raised vs Goal

Now Bukobot is bucking the trend and has been oversubscribed based on its misson to deliver an affordable 3D printer with no compromises.

From an interview with VentureBeat, Bukobot founder Diego Porqueras explained his motivation:

Porqueras promises that the Bukobot (named after his “tough” dog, Buko, who he rescued from the streets), will be the most inexpensive 3D printer on the market to date.

“Compared to a MakerBot [and other similar companies], my design is a lot more efficient and simplified while still keeping the rigidity of a box,” Porqueras told VentureBeat. “I wanted to think outside the box (literally) for the design because this would allow a lot more flexibility for expansion and modifications to the feature without having to redesign or build a whole new frame.”

Most of Porqueras’ models are under $1,000, which is a deal when compared to MakerBot’s Replicator, which costs nearly $1,800.

Below is the video of the Kickstarter pitch that attracted 400% of its target funding level.


Via VentureBeat.

Bukobot photo by JuniorMonkey used under Creative Commons license.

3D Systems CEO: 3D Printing Will Be As Big As the iPad

iPad Crowd

The Cube is coming and it’s going to help 3D printing be as big as the iPad.

That’s the message 3D Systems CEO Abe Reichental wants you to understand. The Cube is 3D Systems’ new printer targeted at the mass consumer. It simplifies the process of getting from design to print via embedded Wi-Fi and cloud printing. The Cube will retail for  $1,299 which undercuts the current consumer standard MakerBot Replicator by $500.

3D Systems Cube 3D Printer

There is no doubt that Mr. Reichental has conviction about his belief in the growth of the 3D printing industry. 3D Systems transfered from NASDAQ to NYSE just one year ago and has grown its market cap by 40%. It has since been on an acquisition tear, picking up My Robot Nation, FreshFiber and several other companies. The 3D printer company recently reported record revenue for Q1 and is now placing bets on its Cube consumer printer and Cubify design portal.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Mr. Reichental commented on why 3D printing will become as big as the iPad:

There are very few artists around the world that can start painting on a blank canvas, but there are millions of people who can use a coloring book.

And further on his expectations for printer prices over time:

The prices will come down. It’s inevitable that in the next year or year-and-a-half prices will be half of what they are today, and then come down again.

We are excited to see the launch of the Cube printer!


Via VentureBeat.

iPad Crowd photo from niallkennedy used under Creative Commons license.