The Variable Cross: Create Your Own 3D Printed Cross Pendant Necklace

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Cross Necklace 3D Printing Celebrities

From Madonna to Katy Perry to the Duchess of Cambridge Princess Kate, celebrities are wearing cross pendant necklaces of all different shapes and designs. The trend is hot and there are many to buy online, but what if you wanted to design your own? Now you can.

The Variable Cross is a pendant that you can customize through a webpage in 3D. The website uses brand new WebGL technology (works best in Chrome). Once you create your design, it is 3D printed in sterling silver. This is the service first to offer you the tools to create your own jewelry in precious metals using 3D printing. And all without needing any special skills.

Variable Cross 3D Printing

Go to the website to try it yourself:

The Variable Cross was created by an artist who calls himself macouno. Here’s his bio.

I’m an artist, who has been working with new/3D technology for well over a decade. Find out more about me and my work at The last couple of years I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation with 3D print and related developments. Most notably perhaps the Entoforms (

Variable Cross Designs 3D Printing

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