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Michael Ian Black Tweets About 3D Printing – Our Response

Michael Ian Black 3D Printing

American comedian Michael Ian Black, made famous through his role in The State, tweeted about 3D printing.

Okay, it’s a sarcastic tweet, but exciting that his nearly 2 million followers will be thinking about 3D printing.

Michael, here are a few ideas for you:

Practical 3D Printing: 10 Things to Make With a 3D Printer

Practical 3D printing? Hack Things put together a list of 10 practical things to make with a 3D printer. Here’s the list.

Wow: 3D Printing a Lunar Base with Material Already on the Moon

How would you go about constructing livable habitats on the moon? Foster + Partners proposes to use 3D printing with material already on the moon.


Photo by lizzk used under Creative Commons license.

MakerBot Joins the Race For 3D Printing Your Self-Portrait

MakerBot Industries 3D Printing

In the past few weeks, we’ve written about a 3D printing photo booth opening in Japan and startup MixeeMe 3D printing avatars you design. Now MakerBot is joining the race to be the 3D printing self-portrait service of choice.

MakerBot 3D Printing Heads

MakerBot opened a 3D printing photo booth in its New York City store. Customers at the store can have their faces scanned in about 5 minutes and 3D printing their head takes several weeks. MakerBot’s 3D scanning capability is powered by Direct Dimensions’ ShapeShot technology.

MakerBot ShapeShot 3D Printing

“It’s a new kind of portraiture,” MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis said at a press event. ”This is beyond digital photography – it is the future – and to be able to create a 3D image of yourself is just amazing. We’ve had celebrities and musicians come in and get a 3D Portrait made. It’s fun, it’s inexpensive, and it’s totally cool.”


Top 10 Countdown: Most Popular 3D Printing Stories in September 2012

Cross Necklace 3D Printing Celebrities

Here are the top 10 most popular stories On 3D Printing brought you in September 2012.

10. Interview: Protos Eyewear Combines Fashion, Tech, and 3D Printing

9. The Variable Cross: Create Your Own 3D Printed Cross Pendant Necklace

8. Unique 3D Printed Art Featured at the 3D Print Show in London

7. 3D Printing Mobile Labs: A New Combat Strategy for the U.S. Military

6. 3D Printing iPhones in America: Disrupting Foxconn’s Assembly Line

5. 3D Printing Will Be As Disruptive As the PC, Thanks to Piracy

4. Could 3D Printing Save the Public Library System? Mixed Opinions

3. 3D Printing on the Horizon: Can You Spot the Trend?

2. Interview: Idle Print Looks to Monetize Spare Cycles in 3D Printing

1. 3D Printing a Futuristic Airplane Cabin: Innovation at Airbus


Thanks for reading in September!


The Variable Cross: Create Your Own 3D Printed Cross Pendant Necklace

Cross Necklace 3D Printing Celebrities

From Madonna to Katy Perry to the Duchess of Cambridge Princess Kate, celebrities are wearing cross pendant necklaces of all different shapes and designs. The trend is hot and there are many to buy online, but what if you wanted to design your own? Now you can.

The Variable Cross is a pendant that you can customize through a webpage in 3D. The website uses brand new WebGL technology (works best in Chrome). Once you create your design, it is 3D printed in sterling silver. This is the service first to offer you the tools to create your own jewelry in precious metals using 3D printing. And all without needing any special skills.

Variable Cross 3D Printing

Go to the website to try it yourself: http://cross.shapewright.com

The Variable Cross was created by an artist who calls himself macouno. Here’s his bio.

I’m an artist, who has been working with new/3D technology for well over a decade. Find out more about me and my work at http://www.macouno.com. The last couple of years I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation with 3D print and related developments. Most notably perhaps the Entoforms (http://www.entoforms.com).

Variable Cross Designs 3D Printing

MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis is 3D Printing’s First Celebrity

Bre Pettis, MakerBot CEO

Congratulations to MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis for being called “3D Printing’s First Celebrity” by Bloomberg BusinessWeek! We are sure that fame is not his key driver, but it’s great to see him getting recognition for being a pioneer in consumer 3D printers.

MakerBot has received more than $10 million in venture capital from a huge variety of sources and has put that money to good work so far. Pettis is just about the only 3D printing celebrity—holding his own, for example, during an appearance on The Colbert Report last June. Using a hand-held laser scanner, Pettis captured a three-dimensional image of Stephen Colbert’s head and then printed it on the spot. “We no longer have to rely on the Chinese for our plastic pieces of crap,” Colbert said. “Because what’s cheaper than a Chinese worker? A robot.” Pettis also presented Colbert with a chimera, fusing Colbert’s head to the body of an eagle, perched atop the dome of the Capitol Building.


Read the full editorial at Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Bre Pettis photo from bre pettis used under Creative Commons license.