Paper-Based 3D Printing, Now in Color and Photo Realistic

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Mcor IRIS 3D Printing

3D printers today are capable of creating objects in a variety of materials, from sandstone to plastic to gold. Ireland-based Mcor Technologies has a 3D printer that prints on, wait for it, normal old copy paper.

Their innovation is that the printer glues each sheet of paper together, and only prints the visible part of the model per page.

Mcor has announced a new printer called IRIS that can create photo-realistic objects in full color.

Introducing the Mcor IRIS, the worlds first high resolution full 3D color 3D Printer. The Mcor IRIS joins Mcor’s family of paper 3D printers and the vision of producing high quality, low cost and eco-friendly 3D prints.

Now Mcor is taking their technology to the next level with a full color 3D printer using regular letter paper and specially developed Mcor inks.

The Mcor IRIS produces sharp vibrant prints; printing on to a pure white media produces better color authenticity and reproduction when compared with other color 3D technologies. The Iris prints photo-realistic 3D parts with the resolution you would expect from a high quality 2D color printer

The IRIS will open up a world of opportunity to engineering, education, AEC, GIS and entertainment. “Now full color 3D printing will be accessible to everyone with full 3D color needs”, said Dr MacCormack.

Watch the video below to see the IRIS in action.


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