3D Printing Sees New Developments in 2012 – VentureBeat Summary

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Bre Pettis, MakerBot CEO


VentureBeat published a fun summary of some of the top new developments in 3D printing during 2012. They include all stories covered by on3dprinting, listed below:


VentureBeat’s recap:

Plenty of amazing things are happening as 3D printing expands its influence into mainstream culture. Not only are lots of 3D printing companies expanding and getting more funding, but enterprising designers are finding more and more ways to use the fledgling printing technology. While some of these uses are a bit troubling (like piracy of copyrighted material and firearms), others show that, with enough ingenuity, 3D printing can change lives.

via VentureBeat.

Bre Pettis photo from bre pettis used under Creative Commons license.

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