3D Printed Kimberly Ovitz Jewelry Designs Come to Shapeways

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Kimberly Ovitz Shapeways 3D Printed Jewelry

3D printing marketplace Shapeways has partnered with Kimberly Ovitz on a new line of 3D printed jewelry.

The designs are inspired by the sleek look of female comic book crime fighters. Ranging from $35 to $95, the designs are available for sale at Shapeways and can be designed to custom fit the customer.

Ovitz’ new line was inspired by the idea of “natural defense,” which in practice means form-fitting jewelry that, in this case, looks like it was lifted right out of a comic book. The Coelom Bracelet and Squama Ring are similar – both wrap around the pointer finger and hand in a delicate spiral, and come in either stainless steel or flexible nylon. The bracelet extends a little further, wrapping around the hand completely before terminating at the wrist. The Thana Earcuff and Spicules Earhook are worn around the ear, and neither require piercings. The Spicules combined with the Prosoma Necklace look like they’d be a pretty solid duo if you’re planning on making the career jump to masked crime-fighter.

Below is a video featuring Kimberly Ovitz designs.

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