College Kids Design Desktop 3D Printer to Be Crowdfunded and Sold For Under $500

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Deltaprintr Desktop 3D Printer Coming Soon to Kickstarter and Maker Faire

“We designed the Deltaprintr to be simple without sacrificing anything.” — Deltaprintr team

Deltaprintr is a new desktop 3D printer concept that is targeting a retail price of under $500. Created by a team of college students, the savings come from a desire to simplify, not limit, capabilities.

Deltaprintr Desktop 3D Printer cover

“The project’s inception occurred when I had built a RepRap for our University due to limited availability of funds at the time,” said Shai Schechter, the tech guru behind Deltaprintr, in an interview with On 3D Printing. “After noticing 3D printing’s potential in the classroom and rising demand from fellow college friends, we decided to make our own 3D printer that not only those who can afford to spend more than $1,000 on their printer can buy, but college students as well.”

The team began working on their desktop 3D printer in May and are in the process of finalizing production costs. Schechter said proudly, “we are currently on track to sell at retail under $500.”

The Deltaprintr Team

The founding Deltaprintr team is composed of electrical and mechanical engineers, finance, and a graphic designer. But there is also a great response from the community, Schechter explained, “with a lot of positive feedback and a lot of anxious people waiting for us to launch.”

Desktop 3D printer leader MakerBot, sellers of the $2,200 Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer, was recently acquired by Stratasys for $403 million. Perhaps this team can strike gold with their more affordable design.

The company has launched teaser videos on YouTube and high quality images of its 3D printer. Below is an image gallery and their teaser video.

See Deltaprintr at Maker Faire and on Kickstarter

Deltaprintr will be exhibiting at the World Maker Faire this September 21-22 in NY.

Schechter tells us they are also planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign sometime in October or November. Stay tuned here for more news on Deltaprintr.

Learn more at

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