Modibot Defeats All 3D Printed Action Heroes on Kickstarter

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3D Printed Toys Modibot

3D Printed Toys Have a New Master

Wayne Losey designs 3D printed toys. He’s a veteran toy creator, having worked for Hasbro and Kenner for 13 years designing some of the most popular toys in the market that generated over $1 billion in cumulative revenue, including GI Joe, Batman Forever, Superman: Man of Steel, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Vor-tech, and Micromachines.

Now Wayne Losey has his own product called Modibot, a 3D printable system of interlocking parts that lets you build your own fantastical creatures and characters.

And guess what … you can fund his new product on Kickstarter.

Meet Mo

Modibot Mo Characters

Wayne Losey shares his inspiration on Kickstarter:

Nearly everyone in the world has drawn stick figures. They’re simple, charming and completely relatable, even though all their human details are completely stripped away. They’re nothing but the mere suggestion of a person.

When you draw bits of clothing on them or add muscles, they begin to take on specific identity traits. Adding a skirt, it becomes a girl (or Scotsman), adding a sword transforms it into a warrior.

Mo is a 3 dimensional stick figure, a blank canvas that you can ‘paint’ with your own imagination. By adding just a few descriptive parts, he becomes anything that you want him to be. By adding lots of parts, he takes on more personality and, like a painting, he looks and feels more specific and ‘real’.

Mo is at your service and ready to take part in your adventures, celebrations, hobbies, creative projects, and dreams.

And below is the video from the Kickstarter campaign.


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