3D Printing Week: Schools, Mutual Funds, and Valentine’s Day

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3D Printing Week

Here’s the top 3D printing news from last week.

3D printing filament is costly, so how will we get schools to start using 3D printers? Zeni Kinetic, a US-based filament manufacturer, launched a pilot grant program to provide free and low-cost American-made 3D printing filament for schools.

Zeni Kinetic Filament 3D Printing Ashley

You can now invest your IRA in a 3D printing mutual fund! Outlook Funds Trust announced the launch of the 3D Printing and Technology Fund, the Trust’s inaugural fund and the first-ever mutual fund covering 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. The Fund is managed by 3D Printing Fund Advisers, LLC, with Alan M. Meckler serving as Senior Portfolio Manager and John M. Meckler as Co-Manager and Chief Compliance Officer.

There’s just a few days left in Valentine’s Day design competitions. One is hosted by CGTrader and another by MyMiniFactory.

Looking to hire folks in 3D printing or additive manufacturing? Gravity Recruitment Ltd is a new special purpose UK-based recruitment firm, focused specifically on the 3D printing industry.

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