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Top 3D Printing News Last Week: Medical List, Fuel3D Kickstarter, More

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A roundup of the top 3D printing news from August 26 to September 1:

3D Printing Medical Heart The Body Shop

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3D Printing Color Launches Website for Rapid Prototyping in Montana

Rapid Prototyping Firm Expands Reach

3D Printing Color is a rapid prototyping center based in Montana. Founded by Montana resident, Marc Milisavljevich, the company has built a cost-effective, accurate, high-quality way to create 3D replicas, and now has the ability to 3D print for any customers in the United States as well as internationally.

3D Printing Color focuses on offering custom product creation, rapid production, fast shipping, and competitive pricing, and has launched a website showcasing their services: www.3dprintingcolor.com.

3D Printing Color cover

3D Printing Color provides a variety of 3D printing services. However, the focus remains on transforming the rapid prototyping market as they attempt to shrink the product to market time-span. The product development lifecycle historically reaches a slower pace during the prototyping phase. Now, 3D Printing Color uses their rapid prototyping services to get products to market in a timely manner, without compromising any design elements. Merging additive manufacturing with 3D printing technology, Montana residents have quickly learned the benefits of rapid prototyping to move ideas from concept to prototype quickly.

Accuracy, consistency, and quality have paved the way for ground-breaking products that hit the market quickly – all of this begins with a rapid prototype. From something as simple as a tennis shoe or iPhone case to something as complex as an artificial prosthetic, rapid prototyping allows for virtually any creation. 3D Printing Color takes a computer-aided design (CAD) and uses 3D printing technologies to transform any image into a 3D prototype.

3D Printing Color 3D Printers

As entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, inventors, and the like continue to discover the power of product development using rapid prototyping the industry is expected to skyrocket. Over the next decade, 3D printing will truly transform the manner in which companies get their products to market. From large jobs to small jobs, 3D Printing Color helps companies with no minimum order.