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Innovative Consumer Products for Painters, Photographers, and Musicians

Splat Palette Shapeways

We are excited to see some innovative consumer products in this week’s Friday Finds from Shapeways.

Above, the Splat Palette by Polychemy, when you want to paint with a variety of colors.

Guitar Strap Pick Holder Shapeways

Here is an innovative idea, a Guitar Strap Pick Holder by DreamTree Imagination Studio.

iPhone Case Ripples Shapeways

And finally, an iPhone Case Ripple by Spaho Design, a 3D printed optical illusion.

Via Shapeways blog.

Top 3D Printing Headlines Last Week: Beef, Bald Eagles, New Zealand, Australia

Bald Eagle 3D Printed Beak

A roundup of the top news On 3D Printing brought you from August 14 to August 19.

Tuesday, August 14

Wednesday, August 15

Thursday, August 16

Friday, August 17

Shapeways Friday Finds: Cool Shades for the Summer

3D Printed Marcello Specs

Fresh from Shapeways’ Friday Finds, here are some sunglasses and shades to try on.

Above: Marcello Specs by Vert Design, a modern hipster meets Elvis Costello.

Next: Cloud Eyewear by Colors of Birch, for the haut-couture aficionado.

3D Printed Cloud Glasses

Last: Aviator Glasses Ring to get your Top Gun on.

3D Printed Aviator Glasses


More Friday Finds.

Via Shapeways blog.

Shapeways Friday Finds: Anvil Cufflinks, Ceramic Ducks

Shapeways Anvil Cufflinks

3D printing marketplace Shapeways featured elegant and innovative designs in its weekly Friday Finds blog series.

Pictured above is a set of anvil cufflinks, available in stainless steel for $60. They don’t weigh enough to give you the arms of a blacksmith though.

And pictured below is a ceramic 3D print of momma and baby ducks.

Shapeways Ceramic Ducks


Via Shapeways blog.

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Shapeways Friday Finds: Cheshire Cat, Kaleidoscope Clock, Dragon Transformer

Cheshire Cat Silver Ring

3D printing marketplace Shapeways featured beautiful designs in its weekly Friday Finds blog series.

Pictured above is a design familiar to fans of Alice in Wonderland: a Chershire Cat Ring by SG Designs. This ring is designed to be printed in silver and has an inscription on the inside that reads ”We’re all mad here.”

Kaleidescope Clock

A Kaleidoscope Clock by Made by Wombat. Once you print the two parts, assemble them together and you will have an intricate 9″ hanging wall clock.

Finally, a dragon that can collapse into a cube shape: Dragon Die by Reaper Media. Watch the video below to see how it unfolds.


Via Shapeways blog.