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Top 10 Countdown: Most Popular 3D Printing Stories in April

Forbidden City Relics 3D Printing

Here are the top 10 most popular stories On 3D Printing brought you in April 2012.

10. We explored innovative and strange 3D printing concepts, from chocolate to stone to candy to organs!

9. Former MakerBot COO is launching a new 3D printer called Solidoodle, with a $500 price tag.

8. The Forbidden City is cloned with 3D printing (photo above).

7. Hollywood’s storytellers turn to 3D printing, including Iron Man.

6. The lucrative toy industry is challenged by 3D printed generics.

5. The Economist publishes a special report on 3D printing, called “The Third Industrial Revolution“.

4. Google sold 3D modeling software SketchUp to Trimble.

3. We analyzed the market size of 3D printing creators and consumers.

2. Stratasys merged with Objet, and we captured the key deal points.

1. Leapfrog launches a new 3D printer line in Europe.


Thanks for reading in April!

Disrupting China: Interview with Horst Hörtner from Ars Electronica Futurelab

Austrian-native Horst Hörtner is a visionary in the 3D printing field and sees a disruptive future ahead. Hörtner is a founder and senior director of the Ars Electronica Futurelab, where innovations have ranged from foldable digital newspapers to car navigation systems.

Disrupting China?

Hörtner comments on the impact of 3D printing to the global supply chain:

In the short-run – about five to 10 years – 3D printing will change our way of how we produce things, it will change the logistics of the entire global production.

[The next big things] could hasten the demise of the traditional factory and manufacturing model that has dominated since the industrial revolution. The business model built around factories that make things – a product-driven business model – is under threat from many transformative forces; 3D printing not least of all.

Hörtner was in Brisbane, Australia this past weekend to share his views. Read more about this interview and his research at the Brisbane Times.