Winners Announced in Global 3D Printing Design Competition by Stratasys

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In the eighth annual Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge hosted by Mineapolis-based Stratasys Inc. (NASDAQ: SSYS), students were asked to redesign an existing product or create an original work of art or architecture. Submissions were received from around the globe, including India, Sweden, Romania, and across the US.

Dimension 3D Printing, a division of Stratasys, awarded the winning students cash prizes. Below is a summary of the winners:

1st Place: Pravaah – A Continuous Supply Handpump

Jabalpur, India
Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing

A hand-pump design which not only provides a continuous supply of water and a saving in your utility bills but also provides water during both the phases of pumping.

2nd Place: Diabetic Testing Station

Dearborn, MI
Wayne State University

The main purpose of the DTS is not to replace the users’ current glucometers and lancet pens, rather to provide a product that will house all of their devices. The overall goal is to take the job of the amputees’ caregivers so that the users can be more self-reliant.

3rd Place: Scissors for Right & Left-Handed Users

Lulea, Sweden
Lulea University of Technology

Now, families or schools with both right and left handed people can finally buy universal good working pair of scissors.

It’s exciting to see students driving forward product innovation, and incredible to think that these students truly can dream up any new product they like thanks to 3D printing technology.

Check out all the winners, including Art & Architecture and Middle School submissions at Dimension Printing’s challenge coverage.

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