Why to Get Your Dad a 3D Printer for Father’s Day: The New Tool Belt

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3D Printing a Stroller Part

Dad’s love to fix things. Many a dad has a wood shop or tool shed, and increasingly digital creation software as well.

Although Dad can easily use a hammer and nails to repair part of the house, it is nearly impossible to fix something “Made in China”, that was, before 3D printing.

Here is a story from Duann Scott at Shapeways about fixing his child’s stroller when a plastic piece broke.

Being a father is one of life’s greatest adventures, simultaneously rewarding and incredibly challenging. Some of the most rewarding moments are those when you get to overcome those challenges in a creative way.  I have had the pleasure of using 3D printing to solve some of the challenges fatherhood raises and to help my children understand they can make whatever they want, now.

My crowning victory in domestic innovation and DIY mastery came when I repaired my broken stroller for under $25, saving money and opening my wife’s eyes (and many other geek dads) to the potential of 3D printing. It was incredibly empowering after being abandoned by a manufacturer because a product was out of warranty that I could crack it open and fix it, like a modern day handy man, using LASERS….

Morale of the story

This Father’s Day, give Dad the newest tool in home improvement: a 3D printer.

Or, maybe a gift card to Shapeways?


Via Shapeways blog.

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