3D Systems Announces “Smarter 3D Printing” Seminars for Entrepreneurs

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3D Systems Smarter 3D Printing

3D printer maker 3D Systems today announced a new way for entrepreneurs and professionals to experience and learn about 3D printing: a seminar series called “Smarter 3D Printing”.

From their press release about the new program:

“Smarter 3D Printing” simplifies the complex 3D printing landscape, highlighting the power of accessibility, affordability and choice. 3D Systems offers the broadest range of 3D printing solutions, removing sourcing and integration complexity and delivering substantial time and cost savings. The seminar series is ideal for design and manufacturing professionals as well as business leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to infuse innovation and competitive advantage into their operation. Participants will learn:

  • How to choose the right solution for virtually any application
  • The capabilities and affordability of ZPrinter(R) and ProJet(TM) 3D printers
  • The inside scoop on next-gen ZPrinter(R) 850 and ProJet(TM) 3500
  • How to complement in-house 3D printing with Quickparts(R) on-demand services
  • How to save money with unified training and support across all products

“Summer is a great time for professionals to catch up on emerging trends, network with local colleagues, and make strategic investments that offer a solid financial return,” said Michele Marchesan, 3D Systems Vice President, Global Sales, Personal and Professional 3D Printers. “We’re making it easy by bringing “Smarter 3D Printing” to you.”


Photo by 3D Systems Corp used under Creative Commons license.

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One Response to 3D Systems Announces “Smarter 3D Printing” Seminars for Entrepreneurs

  1. Cina hodges says:

    3d printing is soooooo exciting!!!

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