Buccaneer 3D Printer Opens Pre-Orders After Closing $1.4M Kickstarter

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$500 3D printer boasts its product design and quality

In June, the Buccaneer 3D Printer closed an epic $1.4 million Kickstarter campaign. The Buccaneer takes an Apple-like approach to product design, and hopes to be the most elegant and easy to use 3D printer on the market.

Just this week, the breakthrough 3D printer was made available for pre-order, and Pirate3D, the company behind the device, has released technical specs for the Buccaneer.

The Buccaneer 3D printer bundle sells for $497. It includes the 3D printer and 1 cartridge of filament. You can order additional filament bundles, each with 5 colors, for $60. There is a delivery fee of $100 for each order.

Buccaneer 3D Printer Profile

Technical Specs

The Buccaneer is manufactured in Singapore and boasts high precision and quality control. The FDM-style 3D printer has a resolution of 85 microns per layer and a build area of 145 x 125 x 155 mm (or about 5″ x 6″).

The system has a patented unibody extruder for filament flow, meaning that you should not experience any jams with your filament.

The build platform is removable, making it easy to access your 3D printed objects. “Getting your hands on a freshly printed item is simpler than taking a cake out of the oven,” says Pirate3D.

The company also publishes SmartObjects software for editing 3D models and accessing their Treasure Island store.

Go to Pirate3D to learn more or order your own 3D printer.


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