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Innovative Consumer Products for Painters, Photographers, and Musicians

Splat Palette Shapeways

We are excited to see some innovative consumer products in this week’s Friday Finds from Shapeways.

Above, the Splat Palette by Polychemy, when you want to paint with a variety of colors.

Guitar Strap Pick Holder Shapeways

Here is an innovative idea, a Guitar Strap Pick Holder by DreamTree Imagination Studio.

iPhone Case Ripples Shapeways

And finally, an iPhone Case Ripple by Spaho Design, a 3D printed optical illusion.

Via Shapeways blog.

Shapeways Friday Finds: Cool Shades for the Summer

3D Printed Marcello Specs

Fresh from Shapeways’ Friday Finds, here are some sunglasses and shades to try on.

Above: Marcello Specs by Vert Design, a modern hipster meets Elvis Costello.

Next: Cloud Eyewear by Colors of Birch, for the haut-couture aficionado.

3D Printed Cloud Glasses

Last: Aviator Glasses Ring to get your Top Gun on.

3D Printed Aviator Glasses


More Friday Finds.

Via Shapeways blog.

Finally, an iPhone Case That Does Something Useful (Opens Beers)

3D Printed iPhone Case Beer Opener

iPhone cases have always been designed to protect the iPhone, but now there is one that does something very useful: carries cash and opens beers.

A designer on 3D printing marketplace Shapeways named Mstyle183 has created the Macgyver of iPhone cases. With a money clip, credit card holder and bottle opener built into the case, this design is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

In the video below, Mstyle183 shows off his ingenious 3D printed product.


Via Shapeways blog.

3D Printed Fractal Art Turned Into Beautiful Jewelry and Sculptures

3D Printed Fractal Art by unellenu

We are always on the hunt for designers who are using 3D printing to make things more that are more beautiful or exquisite than can be made by  traditional means, and wow did we find one.

Designer unellenu has an innovative approach to creating 3D printed designs. 3D fractal art is used as the source for models, sculptures, homewares and jewellery. The result is truly unique.

unellenu has shops on Shapeways, i.materialise, and Etsy. Designs ready to 3D print are priced at less than $15 while others are priced up to $1000. We are impressed by the blend of mathematics and aesthetics in these products.

unellenu Candle Shade

unellenu Hair Ornament

unellenu Jewelry

3D Printed Rocket Fuel Espresso Cup Goes Viral, Boosts Sales


3D Printed Rocket Espresso Cup

The emergence of 3D printing technology and 3D printing marketplaces, like Shapeways, is enabling designers to publish innovative products that are ready for commercial use. One such product is this Rocket Espresso Cup by Isohedral which is 3D printed in glazed ceramics.

3D Printing Rocket Espresso Full

For a great design to catch the eye of consumers, it needs to be photographed in context. These warm, artistic photos truly tell the story of that morning espresso – a.k.a. rocket fuel. The photos were posted to Flickr, Tumblr, and other social networks, where they went viral and were reposted over 6,000 times.

The outcome of this social media exposure was captured on the Shapeways blog:
  • A spike in traffic to the Rocket Espresso product page that has lasted over a week,
  • X number of sales of the cup to people all around the world
  • Traffic increase across the entire site
  • Increased sales to individual shops across the Shapeways site
  • An inspiring story of the little rocket that could…

All this from a great design, beautifully photographed and shared into the social web….

This experience should help other designers with ideas for promoting their own products in the future.