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Top 3D Printing News Last Week: Maker Faire, Contest, Art, Kickstarter

3D Printing news

3D Printing News

A roundup of the top 3D printing news from May 28 to June 1:

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Win an Ultimaker! 3D Printing Competition at CGTrader

CGTrader 3D Printing Competition

3D Printing Competition at CGTrader

3D model marketplace CGTrader is hosting a 3D printing competition. The company is looking for innovative 3D printable models and are giving away great prizes, including two Ultimaker 3D printers, 3D prints, gift cards from Sculpteo, Filaco, Stash, as well as an opportunity to sell designs in 3D printing store iMakr in London.

In order to participate, designers need to create 3D printable models in .STL format and upload them for sale or download to CGTrader. Further information on the competition is available here: http://www.cgtrader.com/challenges-and-competitions/3d-printing-competition-2013.

We talked with CGTrader’s Dalia Lasaite about the competition and the marketplace.

On 3D Printing: What is CGTrader and why are you running this competition?

Dalia Lasaite: CGTrader is a designer-friendly 3D model marketplace for artists and designers. We aim to offer the best conditions for both sellers and buyers of 3D models – the authors on our marketplace receive over 90% of royalties, and can interact directly with the buyers, thereby landing additional jobs or establishing relationships. On the other side, the buyers enjoy direct contact with the sellers, low prices, as well as high quality of the models. Our aim is to make sure that talented designers can make a living off creating and selling professional-level, high-quality 3D models. The 3D models traded on CGTrader are used in a variety of fields, including games, visualizations, ads, architecture, simulations – and now, increasingly, in 3D printing.

The 3D printing industry is rapidly developing, and we noticed increasing interest in this technology from both buyers and sellers on our marketplace. In order to encourage our designer community to step into this exciting field, we decided to start this competition and challenge them to create 3D printable models. While majority of 3D designers have primarily worked in digital domains, they typically have very strong 3D modeling skills and unlimited creativity, but may have not tried using a 3D printer or designing for 3D printing – so this competition was a natural step and had a very positive reception.

On 3D Printing: We’re not quite halfway through the competition yet. Are you seeing any submissions that excite you yet?

Dalia Lasaite: We’re always amazed by the creativity of the 3D designer community! The submissions started rolling in recently, but we’ve already seen a whole spectrum of models from useful to beautiful to crazy. Steampunk-based alphabet letters, parts for coffee machines, Escher sculptures, graffiti spray gun, cars, characters, toys – you name it! And of course, there is the Robohand, whereby you can actually print the whole prosthetic hand – definitely changing the world for the better. There are a few submissions representing the first 3D printable model of designers – and it is great to see how willing they are to learn and pick up this technology.

On 3D Printing: You’re giving away an Ultimaker 3D printer. Why that 3D printer?

Dalia Lasaite: Yes, and not one – but two 3D printers! We’re very excited to work with Ultimaker for this competition. Ultimaker printer is one of the best printers on the market right now. It has a large build volume, is very fast, and delivers high-quality prints. When organizing the competition we discussed it with several experts, and all recommendations pointed to Ultimaker – so it was fairly easy to choose.

We also have other awesome sponsors – including 3D Print UK, iMakr, Sculpteo, Filaco, Stash – the winners of this challenge will be very lucky!

On 3D Printing: What’s the future hold for CGTrader?

Dalia Lasaite: CGTrader aims to be the largest 3D model marketplace for professional level, high-quality 3D models. It is hard to say how the 3D printing industry will develop during the coming years – but our goal is to help designers monetize their creations, and provide the buyers with a wide selection of 3D models directly from designers. At the same time, we hope to contribute to the growth of the industry by providing a place to trade 3D models and encourage more designers to try their hand in this field.


Thanks to CGTrader for this interview!

Enter the CGTrader competition before June 30th to qualify.

i.Materialise Launches 3D Printing Design Challenge for Ceramics

i.Materialise 3D Printing Ceramics Challenge

3D Printing Design Ceramics Challenge from i.Materialise

3D printing marketplace i.Materialise has launched its latest 3D printing design challenge. This challenge asks for innovative ideas for ceramics.

Running April 8 to May 23, 2013, the competition asks entrants to submit a design on i.Materialise and the winner will get a free 3D print of their design.

Here are more details about the i.Materialise 3D Printing Ceramics Challenge.

Spring is finally entering our doors  and we are in desperate need for more colors in our lives! So we’re ready to launch our first ceramics challenge where you can choose between nine vibrant colors. Are you ready?

For this competition, your challenge is to use 3D printing to create a product in ceramics. We give you carte blanche, so you can design anything you want: from tiles to vases, from jewelry to kitchen ware.

Surprise us by your creativity!

On the 23th of May the jury will select 1 winning design. The winner will receive his or her 3D print.

This challenge is open to all designers, professional and amateur, regardless of sex, age or nationality.

Submissions will be accepted up to 23:59 May 23th Central European Time, 2013.

There is no limit on the number of entries per contestant. To enter, you need to upload your design(s) here and provide a clear explanation (under ‘desciption’) in at least 50 words.

The i.materialise team will vote upon the entries.

Participants need to upload their file here. You can find more information about the file formats in our FAQs under ‘website’. The material for this challenge is ceramics.

There are limits on the size of the design:

Bounding box ceramics: 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm


i.Materialise is also hosting an Accessories Challenge, looking for accessories that are inspired by birds.

3D4D Challenge Announces $100K Finalists – 3D Printing for Global Good

3D4D Challenge 3D Printing Developing World

In July we wrote about the 3D4D Challenge, a competition offering a $100K prize to the biggest transformational idea that could leverage 3D printing technologies to deliver real social benefits in the developing world.

Seven finalists have been chosen to go through to the Live Final on October 19th in London!

Boris Kogan, Israel/US 


Boris’s concept is based on the development of a small scale, easy-to-manufacture and assemble robotic greenhouse which will enable local communities to produce good food with ease, even in the most difficult environmental conditions.


Climate Connected Benefit Society, ColaLights - Edmund Bell-King and Cornell Jackson, UK

Ed and Cornell’s project involves the development of Solar lamps created from used plastic Coke bottles using 3D printed ‘bottle caps’ and attachments for the charger, battery and PCB components. These lights will replace expensive and dangerous kerosene ones to use in rural areas throughout India.


EN3D Project - JF Brandon, Canada 

JF has developed a simple, 3D printed solar tracker that is more efficient, cheaper and easier to manufacture than existing models, which will provide sustainable solar electricity to local communities.


Fripp Design and ResearchTom Fripp and Steve Roberts, UK


Tom and Steve are working on an idea to use 3D printing technology to enable the developing world to rapidly manufacture soft tissue prosthesis, at minimal expense.


Just 3D Printing - Suchismita, Jayant Pai and Sidhant Pai, India 

The Pai family’s project involves providing young entrepreneurs and students access to 3D printers using material recycled from disused plastic bottles, in order to encourage innovation.


Roy Ombatti - University of Nairobi,Kenya

Roy’s idea is based on the need to prevent the problem of foot infections caused by The Jigger Fly, something that is rife in parts of East Africa. Specially designed 3D printed shoes could be produced from recycled plastic to be worn by individuals suffering from foot deformities in order to prevent further deterioration.


Tinkher - Brandon Bowman, Matthew Rogge, Luke Iseman and Bethanu Weeks USA 

Tinkher is an amalgamation of two projects submitted to the final with very similar objectives. The project aims to develop an off-grid 3D printing system, which recycles plastic bags to produce tools for local farmers.


The international competition attracted a diverse range of entries from around the world – including entries from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and East and West Africa.

Each of the finalists will receive $1000 and access to expert mentors in order to develop their projects in the run up to the competition final, which will take place at this year’s 3D Print Show on Friday 19th October 2012. Finalists will pre-record short video pitches which will be available to view at the show and online so that the general public can vote for their favourite entries. The contestants will then be invited to give live presentations of their projects to selected guests, after which the judging panel will choose a winner.

Visit the 3D4D Challenge to read more about this noble competition.

Winners Announced in Global 3D Printing Design Competition by Stratasys

In the eighth annual Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge hosted by Mineapolis-based Stratasys Inc. (NASDAQ: SSYS), students were asked to redesign an existing product or create an original work of art or architecture. Submissions were received from around the globe, including India, Sweden, Romania, and across the US.

Dimension 3D Printing, a division of Stratasys, awarded the winning students cash prizes. Below is a summary of the winners:

1st Place: Pravaah – A Continuous Supply Handpump

Jabalpur, India
Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing

A hand-pump design which not only provides a continuous supply of water and a saving in your utility bills but also provides water during both the phases of pumping.

2nd Place: Diabetic Testing Station

Dearborn, MI
Wayne State University

The main purpose of the DTS is not to replace the users’ current glucometers and lancet pens, rather to provide a product that will house all of their devices. The overall goal is to take the job of the amputees’ caregivers so that the users can be more self-reliant.

3rd Place: Scissors for Right & Left-Handed Users

Lulea, Sweden
Lulea University of Technology

Now, families or schools with both right and left handed people can finally buy universal good working pair of scissors.

It’s exciting to see students driving forward product innovation, and incredible to think that these students truly can dream up any new product they like thanks to 3D printing technology.

Check out all the winners, including Art & Architecture and Middle School submissions at Dimension Printing’s challenge coverage.