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With Sites Set on LEGO, 3D Systems Cubify Launches Robot Toy Line

3D Systems Cubify Toy Robots

3D Systems’ consumer brand Cubify has announced a new toy line called Cubify robots. This move follows the acquisition of My Robot Nation and launch of the Cube consumer 3D printer.

We have published several features about the toy industry and how 3D printing will disrupt it, including the father who printed the Rosetta stone for toys.

Now 3D Systems is taking a page from LEGO and other popular toy manufacturers by making collectable toy robots whose parts are interchangeable.

From the 3D Systems press release:

3D Systems Corporation announced today the immediate availability of its new Cubify® toy robots designed specifically for printing on Cube®, the world’s first home 3D printer. The entire collection can be downloaded and printed at home on your Cube 3D printer.

Starting at just $4.99, Cube printed robots are also available for home delivery through Cubify and come individually packaged or in sets of three with exciting options to choose from like ray-guns and rocket-packs.

Cubify® robots are moveable, poseable and printable in colorful, lego-like plastic. Printed parts can be snapped together, swapped and colors mixed to create an amazing new robot, or an entire crew.  With thousands of possible combinations, Cubify robots provide hours of educational and creative fun for kids and adults alike.

“We are thrilled with these cute, playful new Cubify robots. Kids of all ages can collect the entire series as they create unique configurations to amaze their friends,” said Cathy Lewis, Vice President of Global Marketing for 3D Systems.   “Our excitement continues to build with each new toy and app we make available to our growing Cubify community.”


3D Printing Father’s Day: MakerBot Robots Make Cute Video

MakerBot wants to wish you a Happy Father’s Day with this cute video.

MakerBot Builds 3D Printed Robot Petting Zoo for Maker Faire [Video]

The MakerBot team has taken some time away from their day jobs to build a Robot Petting Zoo in time for Maker Faire. Of course, the robots are 3D printed on the Replicator.

Watch the video below to see all of their amazing creations.

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) Acquires Startup My Robot Nation

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) is a public company with a $1.14 billion market cap. Today, the company announced the acquisition of startup My Robot Nation, founded in December 2011 with the mantra “Robots are just the beginning.”

Describing the acquisition in a press release, 3D Systems wrote:

The acquisition of MRN underscores 3D Systems’ Cubify commitment to democratize 3D content-to-print access for kids and adults alike, unleashing creativity and allowing individuals to express themselves easily in 3D. My Robot Nation brings to Cubify proven video game principles to provide a simple, fun and amazingly flexible creative experience. Within minutes, anyone can quickly and easily create their own, unique collectible from billions of possible combinations then make it real with 3D printing.

Read more at 3D Systems.

Old Refrigerators Recycled to 3D Print Modern Furniture [Video]

Designer Dirk Vander Kooij has taken industrial recycling to a new level. With his “Endless” process, old refrigerators were melted down and then used as raw materials to 3D print modern furniture.

His website describes the process:

It took 54 prototypes before we achieved the optimum comfort the chair now offers. After an intensive process of research and development into the engineering technique, we are now capable of producing tight lines and rounding off curves. Thanks to this rounding off technique, the chair has a distinct similarity to a thoughtfully wound up ball of string. This can only be done with the “Endless” production technique.

Below is a video of his industrial robot printing new furniture from old materials.


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