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Top 10 Countdown: Most Popular 3D Printing Stories in June 2013

Buccaneer 3D Printer Profile

Here are the top 10 most popular stories On 3D Printing brought you in June 2013.

10. Buttercup the Duck Gets 3D Printed Prosthetic Foot and a Facebook Page

9. 3D Printing Startup Mixee Labs Expands Portfolio with Artisan Jewelry Launch and Platform

8. Amazon.com Launches Extensive 3D Printing Category

7. MakerBot Celebrates Dads and Grads with 3D Printing Deals

6. SupplyBetter Launches 3D Printing Comparison Engine to Give Designers More Choice

5. Watershed Moment: Windows 8.1 Offers Native Support for 3D Printing

4. Full Analysis of the Stratasys and MakerBot 3D Printing Acquisition

3. Modibot Defeats All 3D Printed Action Heroes on Kickstarter

2. MakerBot Acquired by Stratasys for $403 Million

1. Buccaneer 3D Printer Closes Epic Kickstarter Campaign Raising $1.4 Million


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Top 3D Printing News Last Week: MakerBot Father’s Day, SupplyBetter

MakerBot Grad Lithopane

3D Printing News

A roundup of the top 3D printing news from June 3 to June 9:

Wednesday, June 5

Friday, June 7


SupplyBetter Launches 3D Printing Comparison Engine to Give Designers More Choice

SupplyBetter 3D Printing

SupplyBetter Launches Comparison Shopping for 3D Printing

Calling itself the “Kayak of 3D Printing”, SupplyBetter provides comparison shopping for 3D printing. With over 200 suppliers, SupplyBetter gives more choice to a designer or consumer looking for a 3D printed object. Sometimes you want to print high quality and sometimes  you want low cost. SupplyBetter helps you find the right fit.

SupplyBetter 3D Printing Queens

We spoke with SupplyBetter co-founder and CEO Matthew Du Pont.

On 3D Printing: Tell us what SupplyBetter does.

Matthew Du Pont: SupplyBetter does two main things.

1) We help buyers find better service bureaus for 3D printing – most companies online are trying to sell you their own printing services, even if they’re not the best fit. We have a database of hundreds of companies that provide 3D printing, which lets us match companies with the right supplier based on geography, material, price, speed, and application. It’s similar to Kayak – buyers come to us, upload a drawing and some information on what they want, and we pick the best suppliers and pull together quotes for the buyer.

2) We help buyers find better contract manufacturing beyond 3D printing. Our eventual goal is to be the best way of finding manufacturers for custom mechanical parts, so whether they need a small run of wood parts in the US or metal casting in China, we’re happy to help them out. We charge buyers if and only if they select a supplier we find for them, and have helped people with wood, plastic, and metal parts.

On 3D Printing: How did you get started?

Matthew Du Pont: Matt and Rob have been friends for seven years. They both have previous unpleasant experiences with procuring custom parts (Matt at a trucking company, Rob at a robotics company), and decided to build a better way to get things made. They’ve been working on SupplyBetter since early 2013.

SupplyBetter has helped buyers in North America and Europe, and quoted suppliers worldwide. Our customers so far have mainly been hardware startups and makers, seeking to prototype or bring prototypes to production.

On 3D Printing: Where can someone go to learn more?

Matthew Du Pont: Here are some links:
www.supplybetter.com - The main homepage, for people looking for quotes on 3D printing
www.supplybetter.com/procurement - Guidelines about using us as consultants
www.supplybetter.com/getting_started - Our guide to getting started with 3D printing