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Top 3D Printing Headlines Last Week: POTUS SOTU, stocks, TED, Fashion

President Obama 3D Printing State of the Union

A roundup of the top news On 3D Printing brought you from February 11 to February 17:

Wednesday, February 13

Details on the 3D Printing Institute from Obama’s SOTU Address

3D Printing Obama SOTU

Want more details about the 3D Printing institute President Obama mentioned in the State of the Union address tonight? CNET helped to shed some light on this facility:

The notion that Youngstown, Ohio, is the epicenter of the 3D printing revolution probably came as news to many people who have never heard of the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute that the president referenced. Additive manufacturing is the industry term for 3D printing, and NAMII, as it’s known, has been collecting some big checks during the past year to become a hub for pushing 3D printing beyond a means for creating innumerable themed chess sets.

The Department of Defense provided $30 million to help get NAMII going, which will be matched by a consortium of big name corporations, universities and non-profits including Boeing, IBM, and Carnegie Mellon University, just to name a few. NASA (already a big fan of 3D printing), the National Science Foundation and other big time funders are also expected to kick in a few million shekels.



Read more at CNET.

Podium image credit: NCDMM News.

President Obama Calls 3D Printing “Revolutionary” in State of the Union

President Obama 3D Printing State of the Union

This post is courtesy of Internet of things blog Hack Things.

A once-shuttered warehouse is now a state-of-the art lab where new workers are mastering the 3D printing that has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything.
– Barack Obama

In tonight’s State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama called 3D Printing a technology that has “the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything”, adding that he has asked Congress to create a network of fifteen manufacturing hubs where business in the United States can receive support in using these technologies, in conjunction with the Departments of Defence and Energy.

He also mentioned NAMII (National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute) which was launched as a pilot for this program in Youngstown Ohio last year.