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3D Print Show London

The 3D Print Show, taking place today and tomorrow at The Brewery, Chiswell St, London, will include:

  • Performances from the world’s first 3D printed band, with specially composed scores from Dave Marks
  • 3D printed fashion show including bespoke work from world renowned fashion, jewelry, footwear and millinery designers, such as Daniel Widrig, Bryan Oknyansky and Amelia Agosta
  • 3D art gallery showcasing up to 50 different artworks ranging from sculpture to animation and interactive design. The show will host works from renowned designers such as Neri Oxman, Ted Noten and Assa Ashuach
  • Workshops from leading experts including Jason Lopez, who created 3D printed body armour for the film Ironman 2
  • 3D printed “mini me’s” using body scanning technology to produce an exact replica of yourself
  • Design bar giving attendees the chance to learn the fine art of 3D design
  • Cinema showing reels from the 3D4D Challenge, a charity that seeks to provide low-cost 3D printed solutions to help communities in the developing world
  • Medical and archaeological zones demonstrating the applicability of 3D print to modern medicine and historical preservation
  • 3D printed living room from chairs to table lamps
  • And much, much more!

The show plays host to some of the biggest names in 3D printing including 3D Systems, MakerBot and Ultimaker, who will be on hand to demonstrate the technology and scope of 3D printing.

Some of the most forward thinking minds from the worlds of technology, design, art and fashion will come together to showcase truly innovative works that have only been made possible through the medium of 3D print.

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Via The Manufacturer.

Disney World Offers Guests Personalized 3D Printed Star Wars Memories

Disney World 3D Printed Star Wars Memories

Disney World is using 3D printing technology to launch a new catchy souvenir for Star Wars Weekends this year.

One of the most memorable scenes from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back is the moment when Captain Han Solo is frozen in carbonite. Starting May 18, guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios can relive that memory and bring home a personalized carbonite figurine – with the guest’s likeness on it.

Disney World 3D Printed Star Wars Memories

First, state-of-the-art cameras capture a guest’s face from multiple angles. Then, the image is sent to a 3D printer which produces a eight-inch figurine reminiscent of that famous scene in Star Wars.

This should prove to be a pretty popular attraction!


Read more at the Disney Parks blog.

Hat tip to 3dprinter.net for finding the story.

Top 10 Countdown: Most Popular 3D Printing Stories in April

Forbidden City Relics 3D Printing

Here are the top 10 most popular stories On 3D Printing brought you in April 2012.

10. We explored innovative and strange 3D printing concepts, from chocolate to stone to candy to organs!

9. Former MakerBot COO is launching a new 3D printer called Solidoodle, with a $500 price tag.

8. The Forbidden City is cloned with 3D printing (photo above).

7. Hollywood’s storytellers turn to 3D printing, including Iron Man.

6. The lucrative toy industry is challenged by 3D printed generics.

5. The Economist publishes a special report on 3D printing, called “The Third Industrial Revolution“.

4. Google sold 3D modeling software SketchUp to Trimble.

3. We analyzed the market size of 3D printing creators and consumers.

2. Stratasys merged with Objet, and we captured the key deal points.

1. Leapfrog launches a new 3D printer line in Europe.


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Hollywood’s Storytellers Turn to 3D Printing [Video]

Hollywood’s storytellers are starting to turn to 3D printing for solving problems that CGI can’t solve. In the movie Iron Man 2, Oscar-nominated effects studio Legacy Effects partnered with Objet to produce some of the high tech suit worn by Robert Downey Jr.

CNET interviewed Jason Lopes from Legacy Interactive, “I think it’s starting to infiltrate more in Hollywood, and more and more people who know what comes out of our studio are seeing how this technology can assist any industry.”

Watch the video below to see more about 3D printing on the set of Iron Man 2.