3D Printing Inventor Chuck Hall Gets His Cube from 3D Systems

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Chuck Hull Receives Cube

Chuck Hull is known as the inventor of 3D printing. 30 years ago, Hull was working in Southern California at a mid-size manufacturer called Ultra Violet Products. Hull helped develop the company’s ultraviolet-light curable resins, which were used to add protective coatings to furniture and other surfaces. Hull began experimenting after hours with laying down numerous coats of the resin to make plastic models and thus 3D printing was born.

In 1983, Hull formalized this technology, called stereolithography, and later founded 3D Systems in 1986.

In the photo above, Chuck Hull is showing off his own Cube, the latest consumer 3D printer from 3D Systems. Cubify’s blog commented on this event:

None of us would be doing what we do today at Cubify without Chuck and we’re so happy he continues to bring us newer, better, and sometimes unimaginably small printers like the Cube. Naturally, Chuck had to be the first to officially receive a Cube!


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3 Responses to 3D Printing Inventor Chuck Hall Gets His Cube from 3D Systems

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    • ludy bergenthal says:

      We should be so happy that Mr.Chuck Hull the inventor of 3D
      Printing has more energy and passion for more creative
      products beneficial for Mankind.
      if he is so interested, we can apply his invention to a great solution to our present crisis among our youth.The explosion of Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity among our young children in elementary schools is being neglected by us.Thanks to someone as I heard that candy and pop machines were finally taken out.What can we do us parent
      when there are really snacks and food items full if sugar coatings and food preservatives and additives rampant in our daily grocery shelves,fast foods and restaurants galore ? they finally took MSG (monosodium glutamate from baby foods) but FDA,USDA and governmental agencies are strapped and can not compete with Big time Lobbyists?

      Mr Chuck Hull,please help our future generation with the 3D Printer similar to CandyFab 4000 using hot air to make
      nutritious snacks without refined sugar ,bleached flour etc and install them in kitchens of elementary schools in the afternoons utilizing a training program from man power
      training programs federally funded (had a successful one in Alaska Methodist University in 1964 ) We can tap our billionaire who needs additional tax deductions for humanity instead of bigger private jets (IRS took them off ?) for additional funding ? Who knows as I know there are
      our own Actors and actresses who are donating water systems for developing countries like Matt Damon,Angelina Pitt,Ben Afleck ? I am praying for you to be interested in doing this as your happiness will reach a magnitude of wave lengths reaching to Heavens above as the little angels I am sure of will know it will be you and their future lies in your hands.
      Ludy Bergenthal former Nutritionist Mary Mother of the Poor Foundation and presently will be finishing my Doctorate on Food Science and Nutrition I started in the University of Minnesota and enrolled at the Walden University for PhD in Health Services. My past resume is very long and if you will be interested i will send it to you plus a video that I am finishing for a mass media distribution.

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