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Shapeways Offers Premium Silver Material for 3D Printing Fine Objects

Shapeways Premium Silver 3D Printing

3D printing marketplace Shapeways has introduced premium silver material for creating fine jewelry and other long-lasting items.

From the Shapeways blog:

Premium Silver is our 3D printed Sterling Silver taken to the next level with an incredibly smooth, glossy surface to give your designs a truly professional finish. We will be offering Premium Silver for a six week trial until Tuesday May the 14th, during which we will assess the pricing and design rules. If you love this new finish as much as we already do, we will keep it as a permanent material option on Shapeways.

Finished 3D prints are hand polished to give them that professional look.

Shapeways Premium Silver 3D Printing

During the trial, premium silver will be priced as follows:

  • Handling Fee Per Model:  $45 (up to 1.7 cm3), $78 (1.7 – 3.4 cm3),  Free (above 3.4 cm3)
  • Price Per cm3: $28 (up to 3.4 cm3),  $75 (above 3.4 cm3)

This means:

  • 1.0 cm3 item will cost $73.00
  • 1.7 cm3 item will cost $92.60
  • 1.8 cm3 item will cost $128.40
  • 3.4 cm3 item wil cost $173.20
  • 3.5 cm3 item will cost $262.50


More details at Shapeways.

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Wednesday, February 13

3D Printed Kimberly Ovitz Jewelry Designs Come to Shapeways

Kimberly Ovitz Shapeways 3D Printed Jewelry

3D printing marketplace Shapeways has partnered with Kimberly Ovitz on a new line of 3D printed jewelry.

The designs are inspired by the sleek look of female comic book crime fighters. Ranging from $35 to $95, the designs are available for sale at Shapeways and can be designed to custom fit the customer.

Ovitz’ new line was inspired by the idea of “natural defense,” which in practice means form-fitting jewelry that, in this case, looks like it was lifted right out of a comic book. The Coelom Bracelet and Squama Ring are similar – both wrap around the pointer finger and hand in a delicate spiral, and come in either stainless steel or flexible nylon. The bracelet extends a little further, wrapping around the hand completely before terminating at the wrist. The Thana Earcuff and Spicules Earhook are worn around the ear, and neither require piercings. The Spicules combined with the Prosoma Necklace look like they’d be a pretty solid duo if you’re planning on making the career jump to masked crime-fighter.

Below is a video featuring Kimberly Ovitz designs.

Video: Current and Future 3D Printing at Singularity University

Scott Summit 3D Printing

In the video below, Scott Summit, co-founder of Bespoke Innovations, explains the current state and future potential of 3D printing. He talks about architecture, jewelry, medical, and biological applications, among other topics. He also discusses business models of existing 3D printing players, such as Shapeways and Freedom of Creation. The video was recorded at Singularity University.

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3D Print Show London

The 3D Print Show, taking place today and tomorrow at The Brewery, Chiswell St, London, will include:

  • Performances from the world’s first 3D printed band, with specially composed scores from Dave Marks
  • 3D printed fashion show including bespoke work from world renowned fashion, jewelry, footwear and millinery designers, such as Daniel Widrig, Bryan Oknyansky and Amelia Agosta
  • 3D art gallery showcasing up to 50 different artworks ranging from sculpture to animation and interactive design. The show will host works from renowned designers such as Neri Oxman, Ted Noten and Assa Ashuach
  • Workshops from leading experts including Jason Lopez, who created 3D printed body armour for the film Ironman 2
  • 3D printed “mini me’s” using body scanning technology to produce an exact replica of yourself
  • Design bar giving attendees the chance to learn the fine art of 3D design
  • Cinema showing reels from the 3D4D Challenge, a charity that seeks to provide low-cost 3D printed solutions to help communities in the developing world
  • Medical and archaeological zones demonstrating the applicability of 3D print to modern medicine and historical preservation
  • 3D printed living room from chairs to table lamps
  • And much, much more!

The show plays host to some of the biggest names in 3D printing including 3D Systems, MakerBot and Ultimaker, who will be on hand to demonstrate the technology and scope of 3D printing.

Some of the most forward thinking minds from the worlds of technology, design, art and fashion will come together to showcase truly innovative works that have only been made possible through the medium of 3D print.

If you are there, RT or comment!


Via The Manufacturer.